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Meet a Moth - AES/BENHS event. 26 June 2021. Online. Wildlife Watch Pond Dipping. 10 August 2021. Rosliston Forestry Centre, Burton Road, Rosliston, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE12 8JX. AES Annual Exhibition and Trade Fair 2021. 02 October 2021. Kempton Park Racecourse, Sunbury-on-Thames, TW16 5AQ, UK Western Invertebrate Show 2019 21 July 2019 12:00 - 17:00. Location: Thornbury Leisure Centre, Thornbury, Bristol, BS35 3JB, UK Scottish Invertebrate Show 2019 18 August 2019 11:00 - 16:00. Location: Scotstoun Leisure Centre, 112 Danes Drive,Glasgow, G14 9HD, UK Southern Invertebrate Show 2019 17 November 2019 11:00 - 16:00. Location: Southwick Leisure Centre, Brighton, BN42 4NT, UK

AES Invertebrate Expo on Saturday, cant wait to see whats on offer, if your around come and say hi to us and buy some inverts please : AES Invertebrate Show. Kempton Park, London. We are attending. The largest Invert show of the year. A massive show with livestock, deadstock and accessories for the hobby as well as Jewellery, books and much much more. See AES Website. 01/12/19. Newark inverts show. Dukeries Leisure Centre, Main Road, Boughton, Notts, BG22 9JJ RDA ordination of invertebrate community response in streams treated with 25-3 AES. Trajectories show change in community structure between the start of the study (circles) and the last day of sampling (arrow heads) on day 44 Set up and ready to go at the Northern Invertebrate Show. We are at the AES show at Kempton Park Racecourse. 11am - 4pm Plenty on offer including Mug of T with our new design. Have a good day. So Many Legs. 905 views · October 12, 2019. 0:18. Ready and waiting for you at Doncaster Racecourse for the September IHS Breeders Meeting

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What was found? There were a lot of structural similarities between the different agri-environmental scheme (AES) habitats, so the relationships between bats and AES habitats were not investigated. Instead, species-specific management practices were identified. The importance of AES vegetation characteristics varied between bat species Come Visit. Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-5pm Store: Monday-Sunday 10am-5pm. Address: 8046 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA. Phone: (215) 335-9500. Email Us. Purchase Your Tickets. If you have questions about custom events or want more information on our upcoming programs, don't hesitate to reach out to us We expect bat activity, defined as the sum of individual bat recordings six-hours after sunset, to be higher above AES plots which are designed to support invertebrates and that this would be driven by flowering plant abundance, dicot cover and plant species diversity, since these characteristics are expected to result in increased invertebrate. AES Invertebrate show Held at Kempton Park on Saturday 30th September, this is the largest of the invertebrate only shows held in the UKit's a great show with so much to see and buy that you really cant afford to miss it We will be attendin Conserving farmland birds is a key objective for agri-environment schemes (AES) across Europe, with a number of management options aimed at providing invertebrate food and nesting habitats. We analysed territory settlement by two widespread but declining farmland buntings with contrasting nesting requirements: the Yellowhammer Emberiza citrinella, a boundary-nesting species, and the Corn.

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  1. The decline of bees and other invertebrate pollinators is cause for global concern, with modern intensive agriculture identified as a key driver. Government-run agri-environment schemes (AES) have the potential to restore the local landscape to benefit bees
  2. Things To See. Take a walk on the wildside through Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World and see how many creepy crawlies, reptiles and animals you can spot
  3. Dipterists Forum promotes the study, recording and conservation of true flies in the British Isles.. Flies are amazingly diverse and varied, and studying them can be hugely rewarding. It is true that some are pests or disease carriers but most are beneficial, many are attractive and some are spectacular
  4. HORMONES AND BEHAVIOR 10, 214-234 (1978) Hormonal Control of Invertebrate Behavior JAMES W. TRUMAN Department of Zoology, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98195 Invertebrates show a wide variety of behaviors that are influenced by hor- mones. In insects the involvement of hormones at a particular life stage is directly correlated.
  5. g practices and semi-improved habitats lead to positive changes in soil invertebrate communities. Microarthropods (e.g. springtails and mites) are central to the soil food web, responsible for decomposition of organic matter into a form accessible by bacteria and fungi (Maaß et al., 2015 )

AES have several management options that may improve Yellowhammer territory quality by increasing the availability of chick food invertebrates (Araneae, Diptera (Tipulidae), Coleoptera, Hemiptera and Lepidoptera larvae > 2mm in length; Hart et al. 2006, Machin 2013) and/or improving nesting habitat Amateur Entomologists' Society. 666 likes · 6 talking about this. The Amateur Entomologists' Society (AES) is a gateway to the study of insects and related invertebrates. We publish books and..

A sand dollar (Echinarachnius parma) is an echinoid, a type of invertebrate animal whose skeletons—called tests—are commonly found on beaches the world over.The test is usually white or grayish-white, with a star-shaped marking in its center. The common name for these animals comes from their likeness to silver dollars Meadows are regularly mown in order to provide fodder or litter for livestock and to prevent vegetation succession. However, the time of year at which meadows should be first mown in order to maximize biological diversity remains controversial and may vary with respect to context and focal taxa. We carried out a systematic review and meta-analysis on the effects of delaying the first mowing. First make dataframe for environmental variables env <- select (Invertebrates, Salinity) ef <- envfit (nmds, env, permu = 999) ef # Note that salinity is NOT significantly correlated with community structure # Default vegan plot with vector plot (nmds) plot (ef) # Edit dataframe str (Invertebrates) names (Invertebrates) [1] <- Site.

Agri-Environment Schemes (AES) have been implemented across Europe in an attempt to address biodiversity losses associated with agricultural intensification. For many declining farmland bird species, the reduced availability and suitability of nesting and foraging habitats are thought to play a major role in population declines and some AES have hoped to counteract this by encouraging the. To maintain European semi-natural grasslands, agri-environment schemes (AES) have been established in many countries but their biodiversity benefits Contrary to conclusions of a recent report on the future of agriculture funding in Scotland , our results show such targeting of AES is essential to reverse species declines. Our study illustrates the value of AES monitoring, to test scheme effectiveness, allow adaptive improvement of implementation, and to estimate the scale of provision needed Both prospective assessments and retrospective studies show that the environmental risks of these large volume chemicals found in products widely dispersed across North America are LOW. environmental safety of the use of Major surfactant Classes in north america AS/AES Invertebrates and. Most of the successful AES have focused on terrestrial taxonomic groups, for example, birds (Batáry et al., 2015). While some work has been done on lotic systems (e.g. Jones et al., 2017), little is known on the impact of AES on freshwater ponds and associated aquatic biodiversity. Freshwater ponds are important habitats for aquatic biodiversity

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Bug Clubbers and other young entomologists (age up to 17 years) can give a short talk on insects or other invertebrates. This could comprise a slide presentation, talk, show and tell, or similar, please contact Dafydd and Victoria on bugclub@amentsoc.org to book a space In addition, there are ample amount of data on the chronic toxicity (long-term exposure) levels of AES to different class of organisms, which has been detailed in Human and Environmental Risk Assessment report (HERA 2004).The chronic toxicity values for aquatic vertebrates ranged between 0.1 and >2.24 mg/L while that of invertebrates were between 0.06 and 16.5 mg/L Amateur Entomologists' Society. 721 likes · 8 talking about this. The Amateur Entomologists' Society (AES) is a gateway to the study of insects and related invertebrates. We publish books and..

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Characterization of Aes nuclear foci. ( A) AU1-tagged TLE1 (AU1-TLE1) and Flag-tagged Aes (Flag-Aes) were expressed and detected by fluorescent antibodies for each tag in HCT116 (left), HEK293T (middle) and RKO (right) cells.Note that the nuclear shape and size are different among the cell lines shown. ( B) SC35 (a marker for splicing bodies), nucleolin and fibrillarin (both nucleolar markers. The Aves belong to the phylum Chordata of the animal kingdom. It has about 9,000 species. Aves are adapted to fly. All the birds come in the class Aves. They show courtship, parental care, nest building, and territorial behaviour. Characteristics of Aves. Birds are warm-blooded animals. Their forelimbs are modified into wings This study investigated the invertebrate abundance and diversity (measured at the Order level and as an assemblage) of mature and new hedgerows (planted under AES) at four Lincolnshire farm sites. The invertebrate fauna of the hedge bottom (grassy) and hedge canopy (woody) were sampled using sticky trapping and beating respectively Sown, temporary field margins are a common agri-environment scheme (AES) in the Netherlands. Despite their wide application, though, there has been scarcely any long-term monitoring of the succession of invertebrates. In the field margins of 40 farms, invertebrate diversity and the abundance of three functional groups were assessed in relation to age Amateur Entomologists' Society | 50 followers on LinkedIn. The AES is an entomological society run by volunteers. It was founded in 1935 and became a UK registered charity in 1975. Its aims are to.

atomic emission spectroscopy (AES), rely on the fact that once an atom of a specific element is excited (as in atomic absorption), it emits light in a characteristic pattern of wavelengths (an emission spectrum) as it returns to the ground state. The flame is not an ideal excitation source for atomic emission. Therefore hotter sources are used Show more Show less + Reviewed procedures for macro-invertebrate and water quality sampling, contacted suppliers and procured required equipment AES Clean Energy at The AES Corporatio AES 2016 Abstracts. Daniel Abel 1, Dean Grubbs 2, Bryan Keller 1, John Simcox 1, Alexandra Dowlin 1, Megan Novak 1. 1 Coastal Carolina University, Conway, SC, USA, 2 Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, USA. Do Osmoregulatory Adaptations of Deep-Sea Sharks Represent a Paradigm Shift Invertebrates were expected to show a strong response to Invertebrate abundance was positively influenced in only a few studies. Conclusions: The present meta-analysis shows that in general delaying the first mowing date in European (AES), in which farmers are subsi

For example, Gabriel et al. showed greater positive trends for a range of biodiversity measures, including birds, a range of invertebrates (e.g. arthropods, bees and butterflies) and plants, when there was a greater area under AES management at a 10 × 10 km scale. Thus, the extent of AESs within the landscape is likely to alter the potential. cephalochordates, and vertebrates form another clade (3). However, recent reviews (3,4) present mounting evidence that within the chordate clade, cephalochordates diverged first, and that urochordates and vertebrates are more closely Perspective The inverted retina and the evolution of vertebrates: an evo-devo perspective Francisco Javier Carrera Vanadanite on Bronze Stand 229mm. £442.00 GBP. Introducing our AES Bronze stand series - presenting a rare collective of Vanadanite mineral accents for show-stopping spaces - enhance the elements. EXPLORE VANADANITE > Cat predation on vertebrates. Marco Girardello ( marco.girardello@gmail.com) R code developed as part of the manuscript Domestic cats are a most serious threat to native biodiversity in a Mediterranean country (Mori et al. (2019) Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 7, 477). A copy of the main script is shown below campusecology.network basic code. Contribute to cjlortie/Campus_ecology_network development by creating an account on GitHub

AES Oral Presentation Abstracts. Melchor Ocampo 461-8, University of Mexico, Mexico D,F, Mexico 11590 Mexico The Origin of the Lamniform Sharks a Study in Morphology and Paleontology of Recent and fossil genera. The oldest undoubted lamniform sharks are known from the Aptian of Texas. These consist of teeth that although small, show all of the. Organic Livestock Farming is for the Birds! Organic livestock farming is the only CAP supported agri-environmental (AES) measure that has been shown to correlate with higher bird numbers. This finding comes from newly published research ( Santangeli et al 2019) which considers Finland and its wild bird population GRG5/AES reduces both mortality and axis duplication in β-catenin-overexpressing embryos. A) One blastomere of 8-cell stage zebrafish embryos was injected with the indicated combinations of β-catenin (50 pg), grg5/aes (500 pg) and dntcf4 (500 pg) mRNAs. Partial and complete axis duplications were grouped to avoid ambiguity

1. Agricultural intensification and expansion are regarded as major causes of worldwide declines in biodiversity during the last century. Agri-environment schemes (AES) have been introduced in many countries as an attempt to counteract the negative effects of intensive agriculture by providing financial incentives for farmers to adopt environmentally-sensitive agricultural practices The AES Huntington Beach Generating Station forms a backdrop to surfers enjoying a spring-like November morning. Show more sharing options eggs and invertebrates along 100 miles of the. Show more Show less Invertebrate Surveyor - Seasonal CEH (AES) on invertebrate populations - Kent Weald BMS Operator KBR Feb 2014 - Apr 2018 4 years 3 months. Swindon, United Kingdom Building Management System Operator Cycling Instructor Self Employed Apr 2011 - May 2015 4 years 2 months. Lecturer.

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  2. The comparison of marine and freshwater mean toxicity values provided within the present review also largely suggests this; however, there are occasional discrepancies because of limited and highly variable data (e.g., mean AES acute invertebrate toxicities were 156.4 mg/L and 15.75 mg/L for marine and freshwater species, respectively; however.
  3. g was the only measure that had a measurable positive effect on bird abundance. Specifically, we found that the effect of organic animal farms was most positive on insectivorous, and to a lower extent, on omnivorous birds, as well as on farmyard or long-distance migrant species
  4. We show that enough data exist, or can be derived site specifically, to address food web transfer in many types of ecosystems. Variability or uncertainty in processes such as AEs or IRs can be directly accounted for in sensitivity analysis as shown for Se by Wang et al. Invertebrate TTFs fall into several broad categories in terms of.
  5. Agić H, Högström AES, Moczydłowska M, Jensen S, Palacios T, Meinhold G, Ebbestad JOR, Taylor WL & Høyberget M 2019. Organically-preserved multicellular eukaryote from the early Ediacaran Nyborg Formation, Arctic Norway. Scientific Reports 9, 14659, 1-12. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-50650-x. Allison CW & Awramik SM 1989

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Effects of agri-environment management for cirl buntings on other biodiversit Sown, temporary field margins are a common agri-environment scheme (AES) in the Netherlands. Despite their wide application, though, there has been scarcely any long-term monitoring of the succession of invertebrates. In the field margins of 40 farms, invertebrate diversity and the abundance of three functional groups were assessed in relation.

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  1. Predaceous aquatic invertebrates (larvae of the creeping water bug I. cimicoides and dragonfly Aes. mixta) were held individually in plastic containers (7.5 × 10 × 4.5 cm) filled with 200 ml of water that had been collected from their habitats. The experimental setup consisted of four types of treatment, as described below
  2. GRG5/AES Interacts with T-Cell Factor 4 (TCF4) and Downregulates Wnt Signaling in Human Cells and Zebrafish Embryos. Download. GRG5/AES Interacts with T-Cell Factor 4 (TCF4) and Downregulates Wnt Signaling in Human Cells and Zebrafish Embryos. Forrest Spencer. Ângela Costa. Isabel Pereira-castro. Elisabete Ricardo
  3. 1. Introduction. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is getting attention globally on account of its increasing prevalence [].Among 1.5 billion people in a recent study, the primary type of chronic liver disease was NAFLD (60%), succeeded by hepatitis B (29%), hepatitis C (9%), and alcoholic liver disease (2%) [].The spectrum of NAFLD ranges from non-alcoholic fatty liver, which is.
  4. However, sequestration from the promoter/DNA-binding TF rather than antagonism of long TLE/GRGs at the promoter/chromatin is partially supported by transcriptional assays which show AES/GRG5 positively or negatively modulates general transcription if it is un-tethered or tethered to the DNA (Mallo et al., 1995b; Ren et al., 1999; Yu et al.
  5. or, and trace elements contained in a single stage homogeneous blend. Crystal Sea¨ contains only 100% natural elements to support even the most delicate fish, corals, and invertebrate life. Over 70 Elements. Over 70 major and
  6. Agricultural intensification in grasslands has led to the decline of meadow bird populations in The Netherlands in the last 60 years. Habitat for meadow bird chicks has declined in quality and quantity, thereby reducing food availability. Agri-environment schemes (AES) to halt the decline in meadow bird numbers have thus far been insufficient. These AES are on the level of entire fields, but.
  7. ativum) is the deepest epidermal layer and attaches the epidermis to the basal la

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  1. JO - Journal of the Audio Engineering Society IS - 12 VO - 36 VL - 36 Y1 - December 1988 TY - paper TI - Complete Journal: Volume 36 Issue 12 SP - EP - PY - 1988 JO - Journal of the Audio Engineering Society IS - 12 VO - 36 VL - 36 Y1 - December 1988 AB - This is a complete Journal issue. Cop
  2. Ecological quality1 in Swiss lowland meadows: does plant and invertebrate diversity 2 correlate? 3 Maria Weinrich1, Raphaël Arlettaz1, 2, Jean-Yves Humbert1 4 1Division of Conservation Biology, Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Bern, 5 3012 Bern, Switzerland 2Swiss Ornithological Institute, Valais Field Station,6 Rue du Rhône 11, 1950 Sion
  3. In this study we assessed the effects on the abundance of P. bombycina of two general AES options: 6 m wide grassy field margins (currently a popular option in many European countries) and hedgerow trees (a novel addition to the set of general AES options within England). This involved a multi-site, light trap study at a landscape-scale, and a multi-site, MRR light trap study at a farm-scale
  4. SODIUM BICARBONATE - TEC / BB 1200 KG FC R63045 Version/ 1.0 2/12 EN Classification according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 The product is not classified as dangerous according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008
  5. Funded by the Australian Research Council, I will be investigating the role of maternal fetal signalling in the evolution of vertebrate pregnancy. This research will bring together my interests in herpetology, my experience as a member of Yale's Systems Biology Institute, and my passion to understand the evolution of pregnancy in vertebrates.
  6. g and relationships of events in geologic history. The time scale was developed through the study and observation of layers of rock and relationships as well as the times when.
  7. A cross-scale analysis of paired-stressor effects on biological variables of European freshwater ecosystems shows that in 39% of cases, significant effects were limited to single stressors, with.

Concerning the AES (C12-14, 1-2.5EO), short-term studies on freshwater species of three trophic levels (fish, invertebrates and algae) are available for the MIPA salt (CAS 1187742 -72 -8). Chronic endpoints were covered with studies conducted with mixtures comparable to the AES (C12-14, 1-2.5EO) as well as data available for the pure homologues Show + 1. Introduction Hexavalent chromium is accumulated by aquatic species by passive diffusion. In general, invertebrate species, such as polychaete worms, insects, and crustaceans are more sensitive to the toxic effects of chromium than vertebrates such as some fish. (ICP-OES or ICP-AES) is an analytical technique used for. Coin catalogue. 169 398 coins • 304 countries • 3555 issuers. » Latest additions to the catalogue » Full coin list. Search the catalogue for coins and banknotes, in order to identify one of your collectibles or get information about it. You will be able to add it to your online collection or find other users offering it for swap Fiberglass Troughs PART #: FT120L2 to FT320L2. Fiberglass Troughs. Rectangular troughs are used for hatching fish eggs, coral propagation, baitfish, larval rearing (use with McDonald-type hatching jars), invertebrate holding and many other culture applications. Although not as thick as our reinforced fiberglass tanks, they are still quite durable

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The importance of invertebrate conservation because of their significance for ecosystem services has recently been highlighted (Haslett, 2007). Other objectives are to increase plant diversity at field margins, to support birds by providing food resources in the form of seeds and invertebrates, and to enhance amenity by creating areas with. 5.2.1 Analytical linear stability analysis. We are interested in the dynamics or stability of \(N\) at each of the equilibria, \(N^*\).Here we use analytical linear stability analysis to show mathematically what we described above with the marble and the wok. While somewhat limited in its scope, linear stability is nonetheless a powerful technique for dynamic model analysis Sampling sites A, B, C and D are indicated; solid lines show emerged embankments while dotted lines indicate submerged inner channels. Fig. 3 .3Monthly average biomass (AES.E.) of dominant invertebrates at the 4 sampling sites from June 1998 to October 1999

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CAS / CUS Number Search. Enter a valid CAS Number (Chemical Abstract Number) like: 22199-08-2, or CAS No 1947-62-2, or CAS 683276-64-4 etc. or CUS Number like : 0042860-4. into search box and click on search button Also Belanger et al. (1995) observed very low effect concentrations of AES on invertebrates as both mayfly and bivalve populations were impaired at 0.77 mg/l during an 8-week mesocosmos study (Table 3.11). Table 3.11 Effects of AES to invertebrates The results show benefits to breeding bird population growth rates with strong effects of AES options that provide winter food resources, such as stubbles and supplementary seed crops. However, of invertebrate food abundance when fields are ploughed, for example. This could also be du In the image above, trilobites (1) live among many species that are not normally preserved. A typical Cambrian outcrop might produce only trilobites, brachiopods (2), mollusks (3), and crinoids (4). That is a tiny fraction of the full Cambrian biota, better represented by the roster of the Burgess Shale Cambrian Konservat-Lagerstatten

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AES submitted information in response to each notification. Continuing to deem AES's § 401(a)(1) Certification Request incomplete, Maryland requested further additional information from AES on January 23, 2008. AES responded with a series of submissions, the last of which it submitted on April 14, 2008. 2. The Corps' Initial Review REACH Alcohols, C10-12 (even numbered), ethoxylated (1-2.5 EO), sulfated, sodium salts. EC number: 939-597-6 | CAS number: - . General information; Classification & Labelling & PBT assessmen EC number: 500-233-2 | CAS number: 68891-29-2 1 - 2.5 moles ethoxylated . General information; Classification & Labelling & PBT assessment; Manufacture, use & exposur Physico-chemical and macrobenthic invertebrates of the intertidal zone of Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines were assessed from March to May 2014. Water temperature, pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen, biological oxygen demand, and type of substrat 1 INTRODUCTION. The injection of botulinum neurotoxin type A (BoNT-A) has a myriad of clinical indications and is one of the most common procedures in aesthetics. 1 As such, staying abreast of the latest research and discoveries, understanding the clinical science and pharmacodynamics, and being aware of the myths and misconceptions in BoNT-A use are vital for all practitioners

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Following a request from the European Commission, the EFSA Panel on Nutrition, Novel Foods and Food Allergens (NDA) was asked to deliver an opinion on dried yellow mealworm (Tenebrio molitor larva) as a novel food (NF) pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2015/2283.The term yellow mealworm refers to the larval form of the insect species Tenebrio molitor.The NF is the thermally dried yellow mealworm. 7.4 Pivot table overview. Wikipedia describes a pivot table as a table of statistics that summarizes the data of a more extensive tableThis summary might include sums, averages, or other statistics, which the pivot table groups together in a meaningful way. Fun fact: it also says that Although pivot table is a generic term, Microsoft trademarked PivotTable in the United States in. In the Ukrainian sector, more than 400 species of vertebrates have been recorded. Our large motion-activated camera study has recorded 16 species of medium to large mammals including brown bear, European bison, Przewalski's horse, wolf and lynx. The species observed were basically the same in areas of different contamination, including the Red Forest @article{osti_7273383, title = {Bioaccumulation of heavy metals by benthic invertebrates at the Arkansas River, Colorado}, author = {Kiffney, P M and Clements, W H}, abstractNote = {A one-year biomonitoring study was conducted to determine the extent of metal contamination (Cd, Cu, and Zn) in a benthic community from the Arkansas River (CO), a subalpine stream impacted by discharges from. The only thing that's easy is determining whether or not the coefficient is positive or negative. For example, the length coefficient for Invertebrates is negative (-2.46) and has a large Wald statistic (greater than 2). It appears that the longer an alligator is the less likely it is to eat Invertebrates instead of Other

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In this paper, a comparison is made between the levels of efficiency achieved when applying team teaching vs. conventional expository teaching, in the framework of the teaching unit Marine Life Community, involving the students of the sixth grade of Dvadeseti oktobar elementary school in Belgrade. In order to accomplish the tasks of this paper, a model of a pedagogical experiment. Australian Ecological Services. Australian Ecological Services (AES) is a scientific consultancy business, offering flora and fauna surveys, vertebrate pest control, weed control, revegetation, environmental assessments and ecological management planning. Recent projects include: - AES, in partnership with DM Clarke Botanical Consulting. It is well known that the development of the ancient Maya civilization had significant and long-lasting impacts on the environment. This study assesses a large collection of faunal remains (>35,000 specimens) recovered over a span of several kilometers in and around the archaeological site of Ceibal, Guatemala, in order to determine whether the composition of animal resources was continuous. A direct comparison of reported AEs occurring in clinical practice in the United States during the first 6 months after the introduction of donepezil and rivastigmine revealed that the total number of adverse drug reactions and serious AEs per 1000 prescriptions was significantly higher with donepezil treatment than with rivastigmine (adverse.