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  1. um spring board is the best diving board ever produced, used exclusively at all major competitive diving events world wide since 1958. 800-428-3254 Request a Quot
  2. Molded 8 foot Fiberglass Diving Board - 18 inch widthItem #40-050. S. R. Smith's Swim Club Diving Boards are intended for moderate to heavy-duty use on commercial pools, and can be [] More details Order. $ 1,770.24 - $ 1,823.35
  3. g pool products online. Use this dynamic order feature that allows you to quickly place your order with us. All you need is the product numbers and quantities for the items you need to order. [click tab or plus to add another line, enter or checkout to add to cart] Item Number. Qty
  4. um springboards and consist of a ladder assembly, fulcrum assembly and main support assembly. Duraflex dive stand components are fabricated from heavy-duty alu
  5. Recreonics provides Duraflex dive stand and diving boards replacement parts including diving board mounting kits, fulcrum covers, roller block and hinge assemblies. 800-428-3254 Request a Quot
  6. g pool facilities, including Competitor and Anti-Wave swim racing lane lines, backstroke flags, stopwatches, pace clocks and Stretch Cordz and personal swim training equipment. Showing 1-16 of 335 results. Sort by Item #
16 foot Duraflex Springboard Recreational Diving Board

The Duraflex Short dive stand is made of heavy aluminum castings coated with epoxy paint, and hard anodized diving board anchor hinges with a tensile strength of 35,000 psi. Dive stand anchor set, Item #42-211, is ordered separately and diving board not included. Dimensions alter with board length, specify board length when ordering Diving Judge Flash Card. SKU: JDGCRD. Add your review. Email to a friend. $ 17.90. The Diving Judges Flash Cards are a MUST HAVE item for any College, High School, Age Group or Summer League Diving Team that will host a diving meet. These score cards are the GOOD ONES — not those cheap, flimsy things that fall apart after their first use 4 1/2 x 7 1/2. Large easy to read numbers. Scores 0-10 with 1/2 increments

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