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Make your next medium-format masterpiece with the versatile, automatic exposure of the legendary Lomo LC-A 120! Get it in our Shop Pets on Film - Different Pet Photo Ideas written by shhquiet on 2021-05-19 #tutorial We explain how to use the classic Lomo LC-A, share our impressions about it and lend the camera to Taiwanese photographer Chana Chiang to do some street phot.. The LC-A 120 takes its design cues from Lomo's LC-A+ ($274.90 at Amazon) 35mm camera, but it's notably bigger. Still, at just 4.3 by 2.5 by 5.3 inches (HWD), it's surprisingly small when you.

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The Lomo LC-A is, without much doubt one of the most well known Soviet cameras. Despite being what basically amounts to a very basic, fairly low quality, point & shoot camera, the long term influence its had on the film photography community and industry is fairly huge.. but, there's load online about all that stuff Everyone knows the legendary reputation of the original Lomo LC-A. Its 6×6 version gives you the same, signature shadowy vignettes and since 120 negatives are larger than the usual 35mm negatives, you get images with more grain and effectively higher resolution (so you can make bigger prints). Most medium format cameras can make 35mm. I am crazy! I'm a sucker for new gear, I'm a G.A.S. victim if there ever was one, but what's more, I'm a G.A.S. victim that has amazingly little money for the moment and still I go for stupid stuff like the Lomo LC-A+ from Lomography. I had a real Lomo LC-A, the old one, the russian one and I liked it. But the meter was inconsistent. the winder seemed a bit unreliable and I sold it. Harnessing the best features of the original Lomo LC-A, and rising above it with a host of new capabilities--the Lomo LC-A+ is simply the finest, handiest, most delightfully unexpected, robust, crazy-sexy, easily pocketable, vividly colorful, and soundly addictive snapshot camera of all time. After all, it's based on a true classic I also found that the exposure program's fully open priority limited the kinds of pictures I'd hoped to make. So, for me, the Lomo LC-A 120 didn't add up. That's too bad. There's definitely room in my camera collection for a lightweight wide-angle, medium-format rig. The LC-A 120 came close, but ultimately fell short

We compare two Lomo cameras - The $400+ LC-A 120 and a Holga 120N which can be found for under $50. See how they compare. The Holga is a fully mechanical, 6×6 medium format toy camera that is made of 99% plastic, including its 60mm fixed f/8 lens. It has 4 zone focus distances, a fixed 1/100th shutter speed, and you can pick one up for $50. The previous year, I took a lot of photos, but a major roll of film was lost in the mail. Thankfully, I had no such problem this time! For this trip, the cameras I brought with me were: my Lomo LC-A, the Sears 35rf I'd recently scored from a thrift shop, and my Lomo' Instant Automat. The evening we arrived in Gatlinburg the Lomo LC-A, asleep. the LC-A, awake and ready for action! LC-A focus lever and ISO settings . LC-A aperture settings and top panel, featuring a super-stiff trigger. So there's the camera I could've cleaned it up a little before shooting it, and I probably overexposed a bit I could use a bit of practice in the product photography. Since the introduction of the original LOMO LC-A, Lomographische AG has produced a line of their own film cameras. In 2005, production of the original LOMO LC-A was discontinued. Its replacement, the LOMO LC-A+, was introduced in 2006. The new camera, made in China rather than Russia, featured the original Russian lens manufactured by LOMO PLC

Some time ago I bought my Lomo LC-A+ and started using it. It was my first time using an analogue camera, so I'm totally new to this world (actually, to cameras world in general: before the Lomo, I used to shoot with my iPhone) Lomography LC-A Minitar-1 32mm f/2.8 Art Handling and Features. The Lomo lens is a very compact, light, pancake design for Leica M rangefinder cameras. It has rangefinder coupling and will. The LC-A Instant Back+ is an instant back for the Lomo LC-A(+). The accessories of the Lomo camera (splitter, lenses and flashes) can also be used. The Fujifilm Instax Mini format is used as the instant format. The finished pictures are then about the size of a credit card. The film is only ejected when a button is pressed This effect is inspired by photographs taken with a camera made in 1984 called Lomo Kompakt Automat. The photos produced by the Lomo Kompakt Automat (Lomo LC-A) use a color reproduction that's not exactly true-to-life. But we don't need this type of camera to make this effect anymore, because we can easily emulate it in Photoshop

Lomo LC-A. 7,189 likes · 2 talking about this. Product/Servic The Lomo LC-A (aka Lomo Compact Automat) is a compact camera manufactured by LOMO since 1983.This is a super cheap and simple camera that has become legendary and loved by many experimental photographers. This is not just a popular camera, but a device that gave rise to a whole photo philosophy called Lomography

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  1. Bursting with over 3,000 LC-A images collected from an online competition and the Lomography World Archive, this book is an unrivalled visual history and homage to this most of charismatic of analogue cameras. Two years in the making, the LC-A Big Book brings together the complete, never-before-published, 25 year history of the LOMO LC-A
  2. Overview. The LOMO Compact Automat (aka LC-A or LK-A, or to many, just 'LOMO') is an admitted knockoff of the Cosina CX-2, which is itself an attempt to make an inexpensive version of the Minox 35 without replicating it entirely as KMZ did later with the Kiev 35A.It shares the same body style as the Minox but rather than a pop-out lens, it uses a moving lens element for focusing a la the.
  3. Photo Post: Lomo LC-A. By. Peggy 2020-11-01 ( 3 ) I swapped this camera with a fellow blogger for my Fed 50. The first chance I got I took it to Manchester to make sure it worked. I was sure it did. I loaded it with Kentmere 400 and left it on auto, occasionally changing the distance from infinity. Here are a few of the shots
  4. Check out more pictures on my Flickr set. Want a Lomo LC-A 120? You can but it - and many more analogue picture-takers - via Lomography's online shop. Support Kosmo Foto. Keep Kosmo Foto free to read by subscribing on Patreon for as little as $1 month, or make a one-off payment via Ko-Fi. All your donations really help

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The LC-A is a touch taller and thicker than the XA but feels bigger. Weight - about 280g for the LC-A and 240 for the XA, both loaded. Lens - the LC-A has a 32mm f2.8 and the XA a 35mm F2.8. But there's more to it than that. The Olympus has a telephoto design with internal focusing and is a clever thing The quirky, spontaneous photographic style of the shots produced by the LC-A had an instant artistic appeal, and people became interested in these photos and the camera that produced them. Recognizing a good thing when they saw it, the students eventually flew to St. Petersburg and negotiated a contract for worldwide distribution of the LOMO LC-A Fotor's Lomo photo effect is inspired by the camera called LOMO LC-A. Fotor's engineer team took advantage of digital photo technology to create a Lomo photo effect that mimics the effects of an unusual lens that you can now use online. It can allow you to distort picture edges while maintaining sharpness in the center, highlighting the. LOMO LC-A. Introduced in 1984 the LOMO LC-A was a compact Soviet camera that borrowed heavily from the Cosina CX-2. Production stoped in 2005. It was resurrected in 2006 as the LC-A+ and production was moved to China. This one is an original Russian version. LC-A stands for Lomo Kompakt Automat


  1. The LC-A 120 is a pretty well put-together camera. Like the 35mm LC-A before it, there's a glass lens (most Lomo cameras use plastic lenses), in this case a 38mm wide angle (equivalent to 21mm on a normal camera) with f/4.5 aperture; a programmatic auto exposure that will warn you if you don't have enough light to take a decent photo; four focussing zones, the closest being 0.6m away.
  2. The Lomo LC-A 120 is a nice, special purpose camera, easy to use. It fits into a coat pocket. It's all plastic, but has a quite remarkable glass lens. Prior to buying I read all the crap that was copied and pasted by different blogs from the Lomographische AG press releases in guise of a review
  3. Here's how the Lomo LC-A+ and some comparison photos measure up. Destinations Food & Drink News Stay Video. Search. Menu. View Gallery. 13 Pictures. Lomo LC-A+ camera: A review of photos
  4. Lomo Photo Effect - Lomography Online Photo Editor. Inspired by the LOMO LC-A 35mm camera, this tool employs an unusual lens which produces a slight distortion at the edges of the picture while keeping the center sharp. Together with strong saturation and color, the effect gives your digital photos a very special and artistic look


  1. LOMO LC-A+ 25th Anniversary Edition. This limited special edition was created to celebrate 25 years since the LOMO LC-A first graced the world. t's the same pocket-sized, robust, Minitar-eyed LOMO LC-A+ that we love, capable of bringing you jawdropping pictures with the deepest saturation and punchy contrast, and shadowy vignettes, which is a look that's distinctly LOMO
  2. When I first read about the new LOMO LC-A 120, I was really excited and couldn't wait to see what it could do. The LC-A 120 packs some really cool and unique features into a considerably small body. First and foremost is the Minigon 38mm f/4.5 lens, covering (mostly) a 6cm X 6cm frame. If you want
  3. The LC-A and LC-A+ have certainly carved a niche out for themselves in no small part due to the Lomography movement. The LC-A has become somewhat a marmite camera either loved or hated but has also become quite expensive to buy either as a vintage camera or in its new guise as the LC-A+. A Lomo LC-A (with export marking and naff skin)
  4. The effect is inspired by photographs taken from an inexpensive Russian camera called the Lomo LC-A. The photos produced by Lomo carry high-contrast, increased saturation, and unique coloring due.
  5. The legendary LOMO LC-A full frame 35mm compact camera was originally produced by the Soviet Union's LOMO from 1983 to 1993. While being inspired by the Cosina CX-2 body shell design, LOMO LC-A vivid optical rendering comes from the Minitar-1 2,8/32mm 63° wide-angle lens, that boosts contrast, color saturation and vignetting towards the edge of the frame
  6. The Lomo LC-A is a 35mm camera, so all 35mm films can be used with it. However, only films between ISO 25 and ISO 400 are supported by the light meter. For the typical Lomo effect with the LC-A, you should put a slide film (slide films at Amazon) into the camera and cross process it afterwards (development in the C-41 process for color negative.

From the first time I saw a photo that looked like this, I wanted to shoot one of my own. But, for the longest time I couldn't figure it out how people took photos look like this. Then one day searching the web, I realized I needed a Lomo LC-A camera. This is a Russian made camera that was a knock off of another camera Media in category Photos taken with LOMO LC-A The following 15 files are in this category, out of 15 total. Eiffel-lomo.jpg 405 × 604; 61 KB. Lomo-lca sample.png 800 × 531; 454 KB. LOMOLCA photo.jpg 768 × 512; 99 KB. Lomomoto.jpg. Lomopeus.jpg. Toden 8800 series 2016-05-22.jpg. Вінницький педінститут (80-ті роки. The Lomo LC-A is an unintentional personification of this concept- exploring the mundane and alluding to the unexpected. Originally, the LC-A was a poorly-made Russian copy of the Cosina CX-2, manufactured in flagrant disregard for international trademarks The LC-A 120 takes its design cues from Lomo's LC-A+. £300.00 at Amazon. 35mm camera, but it's notably bigger. Still, at just 4.3 by 2.5 by 5.3 inches (HWD), it's surprisingly small when you.

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In short, photos that feature unique coloring, high contrast, soft focus, and dark vignettes. This is considered the lomo effect. The effect is inspired by photographs taken from an inexpensive Russian camera called the Lomo LC-A. The photos are produced by a color imbalance The founders first experimented with Lomo LC-A, a cheap Russian toy camera. They were taken by the unique, high contrast photos with vignettes and soft focus. The original lomo cameras are the LC-A, Holga, Fisheye, Colorsplash and Supersampler (more on that later) According to Lomography.com, There are 10 rules that define 'lomography' The original Lomo LC-A - a Soviet-designed compact that became a photographic craze (Wikipedia Commons) I first heard about the Lomo LC-A in the year 2000. It was a decade after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and eight years since a bunch of Austrian art students discovered one of these Soviet curios in a [

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The Lomography LC-A+ is the most advanced point-and-shoot that the company makes thanks to automatic exposure and a fast f/2.8 lens, but it's still a toy camera at heart Lomo LC-A camera model. Upload media Subcategories. This category has only the following subcategory. P Photos taken with LOMO LC-A‎ (15 F) Media in category LOMO LC-A The following 37 files are in this category, out of 37 total. 0175 Lomo LCA (5136382110).jpg. 2016 Łomo ŁK-A 01.JPG. 2016 Łomo ŁK-A 02.JPG The LOMO LC-A+ is a 35mm compact camera produced by Lomography in 2006 based on the original LOMO LC-A . The LC-A+ is made in China. It is nearly identical to the original, but has improvements including multiple exposure, increased film speeds to 1600 ISO, a cable release compatible shutter button and front threading for accessories The Leningradskoe Optiko Mechanichesckoe Objedinenie (LOMO, or ЛОМО, in Cyrillic) was one of the largest and most secret companies in the Soviet Union. Before 1966 it had been GOMZ. They designed and made almost all of the optics used by Soviet military and space programs, but also made normal cameras like the Voigtländer Brillant copy LOMO Lubitel 2. In 1976 LOMO made the world's largest.

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What is Lomography. Lomography is the style of pop photography based on the quirky cameras by the Austrian camera manufacturer known as Lomo. It was trendy, peaking in the winter of 2011, but there is still lots of enthusiasts using lomo cameras and shooting film. There are several camera types that fall under the Lomography genre The Lomo LC-A turns 30 and we're celebrating with a fun A-To-Z shooting guide. Enjoy! Song Credit: You Take Me Way Up by pinkzebra audiojungle.net/item/you-take-me. Like the Lomo LC-A, the LC-A 120 has zone focusing on the left hand side of the cameras, and has the same simplified auto-speed and aperture as the Like the LC-A+ and L-Wide, with the camera working out which combination to use. It means you lack a degree of creative control, but means you're not fiddling about with the controls

Make Offer. - Lomo'Instant Square Glass Combo Instant Film Camera - White Edition No Remote. Lomo LC-A 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera Lomography USSR Russian. $400.00. +$8.25 shipping. Make Offer. - Lomo LC-A 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera Lomography USSR Russian. Rare Lomography Oktomat 35mm Point & Shoot 8 Lens Lomo Film Camera Lomo Lc A 35 Mm Film Camera Lomography Shop . For more information and source, see on this link : https://shop.lomography.com/en/lomo-lc-

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photo size: medium 640 new. Lomo LC-A Italia recent | interesting | random. Ostuni by Ravo86. Abbazia di San Vito - Polignano a mare by Ravo86. Abbazia di San Vito - Polignano a mare by Ravo86. Abbazia di San Vito - Polignano a mare by Ravo86 | loaded 4 / 6309 - 0% : :. After you've decided on a photo, it will show up in the center of the screen. To activate the Lomo Art effect, click Lomo Art dropdown button that's located on the left sidebar under Photo Effects. BeFunky has five separate Lomo Art presets. Each one features different colors and different motion lengths LOMO LC-A. Explore 格格不入的人生's photos on Flickr. 格格不入的人生 has uploaded 2235 photos to Flickr. Article by Thitiwat Apichaikittiwut. 1. Photos Pictures

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how do i use a flash with my lomo lc-a? Traditional flash photography with a Lomo requires that you manually set the aperture on the camera using the slider on the right-hand side of the lens. This sets the shutter speed to 1/60th second, and fixes the aperture to the setting you specify - effectively disabling all of the cool auto. The Lomo project shows pictures that were only taken with the analog camera Lomo LC-A. The camera was brought back to life by my daughter and is now taking pictures in Norway's capital, Oslo. The contributions that are posted here in the Lomo project are written in English Gallery: Lomo LC-A 120 Sample Gallery | 26 Photos /26 Unlike the Holga, the company's toy camera offering, the LC-A 120 also has an auto shutter speed controller exposure and auto reset film. The effect is inspired by photographs taken from an inexpensive Russian camera called the Lomo LC-A. The photos are produced by a color imbalance in the most simple explanation. As previously mentioned this is created by combining high contrast, soft focus, and dark vignettes Get the best deals on Lomo Point & Shoot Film Camera when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices

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A picture taken by LOMO LC-A #4 It encourages effects that are considered bad in photography. Most Lomographic cameras are designed to produce photographic effects such as oversaturated colors, extreme optical distortions, rainbow-colored subjects, off-kilter exposure, blurring and alternative film processing, all things usually considered bad in photography The Original LOMO LC-A Lens, which I have kept in perfect shape just in case I can still integrate it. And here's a shot from my working LC-A back in my college days - if only this sort of thing could be emulated - un-retouched it really encapsulates the magic of film Camera Lomo LC-A Painting Photoshop Action: Create Camera Lomo LC-A Painting artworks from your photos in the simplest possible way. This action works in a non-destructive way to perform a high-quality appearance. So, the original image layer will remain unchanged There's some disagreement about this, but after doing some research, I think the best choice is three SR44s. (i.e. the silver oxide version of the alkaline LR44--though probably both will work, though SR44s might provide sufficient voltage for longer.). Notes/references

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The Lomo LC-A probably doesn't need much introduction. Introduced in 1984, the tiny 35mm camera was originally produced in the USSR, and has since gone on to become extremely well known and instantly recognisable as the symbol of the Lomography 'movement'. Production resumed for a short period in the late 1990s, but ceased in 2005 Here are some sample photos captured using the Lomo LC-A Minitar-1: The Lomo LC-A Minitar-1 is the third lens in Lomography's Art series, with the first two being the Petzval of 2013 and the. Lomo LC-A. Me and my Lomo LC-A. Fotoğrafçı: akula. Yüklendi: 2014-06-06. Etiketler: cccp farm lc-a lomo polaroid soviet time-zero union ussr LOMO LC-A. The LOMO LC-A (Lomo Kompakt Automat) is a fixed lens, 35 mm film, leaf shutter, zone focus, compact camera introduced in 1984. The design is based on the Cosina CX-2. In 2005, production of the original Lomo LC-A was discontinued. Its replacement, the LC-A+, was introduced in Fall 2006

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Apr 23, 2016 - This Minolta CLE, with a black Lomo LC-A 32mm f/2.8 Minitar-1 lens. That's all I want The history of lomography and the Lomo LC-A camera. On 19 June 1984, the Lomo Compact Automat (Lomo LC-A) went into mass production in St. Petersburg. It is a low-priced and handy automatic camera. The camera looks pretty unexceptional from the outside, though its simple design makes it seem pretty cool Many people asked what kind of photos you can take and what are the essential thing the different cameras are doing. So i like to let people know what kind of photos the can made with the cameras and different lenses or filters. I really like to help all and tell everyone how to use a camera to get that pictures they want The original Lomo LC-A was released in the late 80s and was a copy of a Japanese Cosina film camera. Like most Russian copies, it was crap but it sold for a fraction of the price of anything from Japan. 2) Or, the new and improved Lomo LC-A+ made in china (that can be found on the official lomography site) Lomo LC-A, 1997. Der Lomo Kompakt Automat (besser bekannt als LOMO LC-A) ist eine russische 35mm Kompaktkamera, welche eine weltweite fotografische Bewegung in Gang setzte. Ihre besondere Minitar 1 Linse liefert leuchtende Farben, starken Kontrast, eine traumhafte Vignettierung und einzigartige Bilder, die diese Schnappschusskamera auf dem.

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The LOMO LC-A was a camera that was copied by the former Soviet Union from the Japanese-made compact film camera COSINA CX-2 released in 1981. Currently, you can buy what Lomography sells as LOMO LC-A+. Modified LOMO LC-A Lens MINITAR-1 32mm F2.8 I learned from a vintage lens book that there was a modified LOMO LC-A What could be better than the original Lomo LC-A? The Lomo LC-A+ of course! Produce photos with lush, radiant colors using the legendary Minitar 1 lens. Soar to new heights with fresh features and a whole range of experimental accessories Lomo'Instant Automat Issues. I have had my Lomo'Instant Automat for about 3 months now and have only taken a handful of photos. I went to take a photo the other day, and the film came out but didn't develop and remained white. The lens cap was off and the camera was turned on. I have also noti9ced that the Shots remaining indicator would only. a lomo lc-a project by jen allanson. lomoliverpool. lomo liverpool. a lomo lc-a project by jen allanson. like a sheet of blue glass. It was mid week, I was between jobs and I thought I'd hop a ferry cruise and take some pictures. I practically had the boat to myself. I had three cameras with me - one film and 2 digital. But one of the. LOMO LC-A & AGFA VISTA100(フラッシュなし) ほとんどがカフェ店内とかお店とか。 本当にカフェの多い町。 お気に入りの街になりました。 にしても「Suica」と「すいか(watermelon)」はアクセントが違うだけで全く別物。(笑

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Back in the 1980s, the Russian optics manufacturer Lomo PLC produced its first 35mm camera, the Lomo LC-A. It was loosely based on the Cosina CX-1 model and remained on the periphery of photography until 1991, when a group of Austrian photographers 'discovered' the camera in Prague and, according to a posting in Wikipedia, were 'charmed by the unique, colourful, and sometimes blurry images. The pre-order package includes the Lomo LC-A Minitar-1 Art Lens featuring premium Russian optics, front and rear lens caps, a lens pouch, a photo book, a manual and a cleaning cloth. Related posts: New Lomography Atoll ultra-wide 2.8/17 Art lens for Leica M-mount launched on Kickstarte Kevin Meredith has been using his LOMO LC-A camera since 1998 and in that time has built up an impressive portfolio of lomo photography. In fact, he loves the art of lomo so much, he's even written a couple of books on it. A favourite of Meredith's images is this cool dude, titled Captain Birds Eye. Brilliant photo. Brilliant eyebrows. 05. Lomo free download - LOMO Camera - LOMO Effects, Lomo Camera, Lomo Jump, and many more program

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The Lomo LC-A 120 is a medium format, fixed lens camera. It takes 6x6cm exposures using a 38mm f4.5 Minigon XL glass lens. Exposure is controlled wholly by the camera's built-in light meter with shutter speeds maxing out at 1/500 and in theory timing out as long as necessary on the long end. We have yet to test this camera in extreme low light. The lens on the Lomo LC-A 120 is a 38mm f/4.5 Minigon Lens, which is equivalent to a 21mm lens on 35mm camera. While it's not the fastest lens, it is sharp. Having had to scale my photo down for web use doesn't do the Minigon lens justice, but trust me, the full resolution photo is so sharp it could cut you

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Lomography LC-A 120 Review - by C.S. Muncy C.S. Muncy is a New York City-based freelance photojournalist with a client list that includes The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsday, The New York Daily News and The Village Voice New interesting lens to Lomography, we are talking about Lomo LC-A Minitar-1. Following the press release, which was received at our photo studio, about his availability in the market. The company, famous for being rescued and revived a type of photography that, with the advent of digital, was now disappearing, rediscovers the pleasure of. Lomo LC-A | ROLL ONE - Lomography 100. First roll with the Lomo LC-A. I'm so happy with this little camera, it's so light that I can take it everywhere. Here you have some pictures from small trips around Galicia and from our first time in Edimburgh. Hope you enjoy them! From where I stand. Komorebi Russian Crafted Lens - At the heart of Silver Lake is a Russian-made lens, so you are guaranteed an authentic Lomo photo whenever you press that shutter. Shoot Ultra-Vibrant Photos - Equipped with the legendary Minitar 1 32/2.8 Lens, the LC-A+ takes photos bursting with life, contrasts and vignettes The Lomo Compact Automat is a relatively small, Russian-made camera. Most people who use an LC-A do so because of the camera's light-gathering abilities, which make it particularly suited to low-light situation. I guess that's a pretty good way to put it