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Yes, some colleges have weight requirements for their flyers. When I cheered co-ed in college (early-mid 90s) our team had a weight limit of 120 for flyers, no matter your height or your body fat %. I watched a girl who was a great flyer and tumbler get cut the first day of tryouts because she weighed 121. Yes, first step of tryouts was to get. The 21 male cheerleaders earn a $100-a-game stipend each for their work on the sidelines. Calendar shoots are mandatory There are no official height or weight requirements, except you. A 5′1″ 119-lb flyer is a good size. I've had flyers of all heights and weights. My tiniest ever was 4′8″ (I was a foot taller than her) and my tallest ever was 5′5″. It's very true that smaller flyers are easier to toss around, but I've had small. But cheerleading is a team sport and each position on a squad has its importance. No flyer can go up or come down safely without bases or spotters. And although weight and height might play a part in what role you fill on a team, it is your ability and skill that should ultimately determine your position Ha! We made $6 an hour for games (10 per season) and practice (about 7 to 10 hours a week), plus $12 an hour for appearing at special events. My total earnings as a pro cheerleader in 2006 were.

8 things you didn't know about LSU cheer-leading. 1. The squad is made up of 44 members, 22 women and 22 men. 2. It is a year round sport. The squad cheers for all LSU sports including football. Famous Cheerleaders including Avaryana Rose, Gabi Butler, Ryan Cummings, Kenley Pope, Gabi Fuller and many more NFL cheerleaders must maintain an ideal body weight, engage in the proper use of tampons and refrain from wearing sweatpants in public, according to a new report detailing the strict rules. Turkey. 251 cm. 8 ft 2.8 in. Sultan Kösen. The tallest living person since 17 September 2009, as determined by Guinness World Records. He has 36.5-centimetre-long (1 ft 2 in) feet—the second-longest feet for a living person and 28.5-centimetre-long (11.22 in) hands—the longest for a living person. 1982- Height is not a major factor for cheerleaders. It may affect your position on the squad, but not whether you'll make the team. 03. of 10. You Have to Have Small Feet to Be a Cheerleader . Cheerleading originated with men and male cheerleaders are a significant part of cheerleading. 09

Male cheerleaders are sufficiently rare in fiction that they are usually developed as characters themselves rather than falling under The Cheerleader trope. A good rule of thumb is that if you see a male cheerleader, then cheerleading will be depicted positively, or at least less negatively. Male cheerleaders are often stereotyped as being gay Generally, a scholarship of $200-300 is given to the male and female cheerleader with the highest grade point average; usually all other cheerleaders with a 3.0 grade point average receive $100 each. The annual interest on a second endowment, the Bill Blount, Jr. Memorial Endowment (approximately $20,000), creates a scholarship which is awarded. Height/Weight: There are no height and weight requirements. However, you must be in excellent physical shape. Rehearsals are three to four hours long, two to four times per week, and cheering through an entire football game takes a lot of stamina The University of Kentucky also requires at least a 2.0 GPA to try out if you are a current student. Incoming freshman who have been a member of a high school squad must have a high school ACT score of at least 22 combined with a grade point average of 2.5 or higher. References. Boston College: Cheer Tryout Information The Buccaneers and the Eagles each hired a male cheerleader; the Patriots Cheerleaders are typically sorted by height into mini-squads called lines, and both men are positioned in the.

The ideal weight for a person your height is between: - lbs. Note: These calculations are based on averages and provided by Welltech Solutions. Calculators are appropriate for healthy, non-pregnant adults 19 and older. Athletes may require a higher caloric intake to maintain their current weight Aly Raisman, at 5'2, is one of the tallest female gymnasts on Team U.S.A., a height that leaves her practically towering over teammates like Simone Biles, who according to NBC is 4'8 — which. Male cheerleaders are known for providing the strength necessary to make stunt groups more successful and increase the level of skills which can be executed. For example, at United States All Star.. For Cheerleading, you will want to focus on the upper body strength, so I would do 2 days of upper work and one day of lower. Be sure to rest adequately, but not extensively, between sets. You want to feel strong enough to do your next set, but still a little tired from your last one. Here's an example of what I'd do When flaccid, the average penis length ranges from 2.8 to 3.9 inches (7 to 10 centimeters) and the average circumference is 3.7 inches (9.3 centimeters). When erect, the average penis length for a human male was estimated as 6 inches (15.2 cm) and circumference as 5 inches (12.7 cm). 6  Measuring your erect penis length and girth is useful.

Brielle Gatto is a renowned choreographer, performer, educator, and mentor in the dance world. She has immense experience in the sports entertainment industry with the NBA, NFL, and MISL, including as a dance team member for the Chicago Bulls, Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, Philadelphia KIXX, and as a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles Christian Walker, best known for being a Cheerleader, was born in United States on Thursday, September 30, 1999. Widely known as the son of NFL legend Herschel Walker. He is also a successful cheerleader, and led the Spirit of Texas Royalty squad to a 1st place finish at the World Championship of All-Star Cheerleading in 2016 The social media star Addison Rae height, weight, shoe size, She is a very well-trained cheerleader and dancer. Addison originally aimed to become a sports activities broadcaster. Her male celebrity crushes include Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron, and Justin Bieber The average height of a woman is about 5'4, of a man it is about 5'8, but when you think about Hollywood, everyone seems so much taller. Well, there are a few out there that weren't graced with.

Male cheerleaders are not new to the sport. At the college and high school level, the sport has long been co-ed. But, this season was the first time that the NFL had male cheerleaders with Peron. Here's what the cast of Netflix's 'Cheer' are up to today, including Navarro stars Morgan, Jerry, Lexi, Gabi, La'Darius, Allie, and their coach Monica The original cheerleading squad was made up of a male-female group called the CowBelles & Beaux. The group made its sidelines debut in 1960 during the Cowboys' inaugural season. Local high school students made up the squad, which was typical of high school and college cheerleading squads throughout the 1960s, rarely getting much attention Cheerleading/Big Al Information. Our Cheerleading program consists of two teams: All Girl and Coed. The All Girl team cheers for Women's basketball games, Volleyball, Gymnastics, and home football games. The Coed team cheers for all home and away football games and Men's basketball. Both teams compete each year at UCA College Nationals in January Kelly is, however, not quite tall as her height measurement is 4′ 11″ (1.5 m) with a body weight of about 51 kg (112 pounds). The Exes actress has blond hair with a pair of brown eyes. See Also: Brittanya Razavi - Bio, Kids, Net Worth, Facts About The Actress And Mode

This season brings something new for the Eagles: a man on the cheerleading squad. Kyle Tanguay is the first male to cheer for Philly football in 35 years. Cheerleading originated as an all-male sport The browser you are using is no longer supported on this site. It is highly recommended that you use the latest versions of a supported browser in order to receive an optimal viewing experience Overweight refers to increased body weight in relation to height beyond the accepted standard. The standard has been defined by the medical profession on the basis of a variety of reference percentiles based on body mass index (BMI) in various populations. A widely used set of reference BMI values is that developed by three doctors (Must A. Cheerleaders have always been glamorized as the pretty, popular girls in high school, who have tons of friends, get invited to parties and have boyfriends, thanks to the movie mentioned above. And for me, it was for this very reason that I joined cheerleading to be popular Translate Male cheerleader. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations

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  1. The Ugliest Cheerleaders Show - Top 15. Cheerleaders presented to you in a whole other light. I bet, the next time you see a cheerleader she'll look even better to you. Without further ado, I present to you the top 15 ugliest cheerleaders out there
  2. Method 1: Body mass index (BMI) Body mass index ( BMI) is a common tool for deciding whether a person has an appropriate body weight. It measures a person's weight in relation to their height. A.
  3. Libero volleyball skills and recruiting guidelines. Division 1; top Division 2. Average height range: 5'8-6'2. Club experience: 3-5 years elite club experience. High school experience: 2-4 year varsity starter. Division 2; top Division 3. Average height range: 5'8-6'1. Club experience: 2-5 years national/elite club.
  4. However, the height may be more of a problem for female actors who are taller than average. It's for the obvious fact that there may be limited roles available to them. For instance, it can be difficult to cast a towering female actor as a high school cheerleader or an innocent princess

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  1. A small 2017 study of adult men and women found that waist-to-height ratio might be a better indicator of obesity than BMI. More research is needed to compare larger numbers of people including.
  2. Don't wear your team's colors — bleed them. Eat, Sleep, Cheer, and Repeat. Fast and Furious. Fly high to the sky and cheer loud to the crowd. Fly high, do or die, dare to dream, cheer extreme! Flying is the second best thrill to cheerleaders; being caught is the first. Go BIG or Go Home
  3. Kramer Embraces Height as Humorous Photo Catches Fire on Twitter. A photo of 6-foot-8 Rachael Kramer and 4-foot-8 Isabella Donahue, an Alabama cheerleader, went viral last weekend. GAINESVILLE, Fla. - Rachael Kramer is used to taking plenty of photos after volleyball matches. Such is life for an All-America candidate on one of the nation's.
  4. Average college football player size for LB: 6'1 / 223 lbs. Should be a three-year varsity starter. Multiple years competing at the All-State level. The recruit must be equally active in both the run game and in coverage. He gains ground and plays downhill with first step; he stays square without losing athleticism
  5. Hair should be worn down and in a current hairstyle that compliments your features. Make sure your hair does not hide your face. You may call Tangerine Salon, our official hair care partner, at 972-393-9200 to schedule an appointment to get the look and style that best suits you for your audition

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  1. ed by genetics and daily nutritional intake. According to KidsHealth.org, children's growth slows after the first year of life, breaking down into
  2. 20 Crazy Rules NFL Cheerleaders Have To Follow . Being an NFL cheerleader isn't as easy as it looks. Here are 20 crazy and intimate rules that have been released from the Cincinnati Ben-Gals, the Buffalo Jills and the Baltimore Ravens cheerleader h
  3. Male cheerleader smashing stereotypes Manitoba cheerleader, Nick Verburg, smashes sports stereotypes. Responsive site? Advertisement. More Videos. Manitoba cheerleaders demonstrate routine. 04:17.

Height and Other Body Measurements. The beautiful model and actress is 176 cm (5 feet 8 inches) tall, which is not bad for a lady. She has beautiful blue eyes, blond hair and weighs 57 kg. Her other body measurements include a bust size of 94 cm (37 inches), a waist size of 66 cm (25 inches), and a hip size of 94 cm (37 inches) Gabi Butler was born in Boca Raton, Florida, on January 16, 1998. She moved to California to be a professional cheerleader. She was homeschooled and has three siblings including sisters, Ashley and Amanda, and brother John Michael. She has been an active campaigner against bullying in schools in America and used social media to get her messages.

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  1. Cheerleaders started out as men—before the N.F.L. turned them into what a former Dallas cheerleader calls sideline accessories. Here, Yale's male yell leaders circa 1925
  2. Gone are the days when male cheerleaders brought all of the strength to a team. More and more we are seeing girls throwing outrageously high baskets or single basing. Getting stronger won't just help your stunting abilities, it will also help to add height to your jumps and allow you to advance your tumbling skills
  3. Pretend we have a hypothetical runner who is 5'10 (that is 70 inches in height). It does not matter if this runner is male or female, but females often weigh slightly less than males at the same height. If we double the inches for this runner as noted above, we come to 140lbs in weight
  4. How tall are American women? As of 2016, the average height for American women 20 years old and up is just under 5 foot 4 inches (about 63.7 inches) tall. The average weight is 170.6 pounds. Body.
  5. Men: 106 pounds (48 kg) for the first 5 feet (1.52 m) of height; six pounds (2.7 kg) per inch (2.5 cm) thereafter. Example: A man who is 5-10 could appropriately weigh 166 pounds, or 150 pounds at the lower end if he is petite or 182 pounds if he is muscular. (1.8 m; 75.5 kg, 68-83 kg) If you are striving to weigh significantly less than the.
  6. Charisma Carpenter is an American actress, producer, and former dancer.She is best known for her role as Cordelia Chase on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) and its spin-off Angel (1999-2004).. Born Name. Charisma Lee Carpenter. Nick Name. Chrissy, Karazma, Cro

Pin your pleats. Pinch the fabric at the first 1 pin (1-1) and pull it over to the next 1 pin (1-2). Remove the pin 1-1 and pin the fabric into place at that spot with pin 1-2. This creates a pinned pleat. Repeat this process by pinching the fabric at the third pin (1-3) and pulling it over to pin 1-4 Patriots Cheerleaders Final Auditions took place on Sunday, May 23, 2021 at Gillette Stadium. 60 candidates were chosen to advance to Boot Camp, the final step in the process to become a Patriots Cheerleader The first average vertical jump we'll go through is that for men and women. In its most basic form, we can theoretically bunch up the general population and get the average jump height. But that has shown not to be effective because there is a wide disparity between the average vertical leap of men and women The height of men born in Sweden, Norway and the USA surpassed 171 cm, ~18-19 cm taller than men in Laos. Swedish women, with average adult height of 160.3 cm (158.2-162.4), were the tallest a century ago and 20 cm taller than women in Guatemala. Women were also taller than 158 cm in Norway, Iceland, the USA and American Samoa..

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During season 9 of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team, DCC director Kelli Finglass told Meagan Pravden her body didn't fit the uniform. Six years later, Pravden is still dealing with. No such ideal was defined for Kentucky's male cheerleaders. Programs also frequently require height and weight on audition forms, as well as headshots, except for Arkansas, which. (Men have worked as acrobats and baton twirlers on N.F.L. sidelines before.) Keely Fimbres, the head of cheerleading for the Rams for 28 years, said adding men to the team is a sign that gender.

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Height 170cm/5'7 Bust 82cm/32.5 Waist 62cm/24.5 Hips 84cm/33 Shoe 37 EU/6 US/4 UK Hair Black Eyes Brown Henny Gong 2020 Model Brand Developers - Massage Chair Testimonial 2020 Extra The Wilds ABC Studios N Santa Clara police showed up at Wilcox High School on Monday to investigate allegations that football players bullied a gay male cheerleader using homophobic slurs, according to school administrators Male cheerleaders need incredible upper body strength and balance to pull off their moves, as well as the trust of their female counterparts. Meanwhile, the women are full-fledged gymnasts who must perform high-flying stunts while chanting, cheering, and maintaining a smile the entire time

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Bock's night was highlighted by a 12.850 on parallel bars, which tied for 19th, but he failed to qualify for the event finals. • Made collegiate debut against Oklahoma (Jan. 27) • Achieved a 13.550 on pommel horse to claim second place against Oklahoma (Jan. 27) • Finished second on high bar with a mark of 13.600 against Ohio State (Feb. 3 She was born in Torrance, California, United States. Aly and AJ. Mark and Carrie Michalka are her parents. Amanda Joy Aj Michalka, her younger sister, is an actress and musician as well. Aly Michalka. Her acting career started in 2004. Phil of the Future was her first television program. She went on to appear in a variety of television. The reality show Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team kicks off its 14th (!) season on Aug. 2. And CMT's longest-running series is only gaining in popularity

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The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC) is the National Football League cheerleading squad representing the Dallas Cowboys.[1] 1 History 1.1 1960s 1.2 1970s 1.3 1980s 1.4 1990s and beyond 2 Uniform 2.1 Modifications 3 Off-field television appearances 4 Notable DCC alumni 5 Photos 6 References 7 Sources 8 External links The original cheerleading squad was a made up of a male-female group called. Sizing HOSIERY SIZING TIP: If you are on the border or between sizes or weight cut off, always go with the larger size. Example: Shelly is 5'5 and weighs 117 lbs. My recommendation to Shelly would be SIZE B. Feel free to browse pantyhose size charts by brand, or use the jump links below to go to straight to a particular brand Being a cheerleader in high school can be one of the most looked-up-to activities a person can be involved in, but it can be hard work too. You will find that there's much more to being a cheerleader than just being cute and popular.. Not only do you represent the teams that you cheer for, you also represent your school How many cheerleading squads does Auburn have? Auburn will have one co-ed squad for 2021-22. men's and women's basketball, gymnastics and volleyball. Is there a weight or height limit. Height: 6' 5 Weight: 206lbs DOB: 10/30/1996 Prior to NBA: Kentucky Country: USA Years Pro: 5 Full BI

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According to CDC, the average American height for men is 5′ 9″ inches (175 cm or 69 inches) and 5′ 4″ inches (162 cm or 64 inches) for women. Fact: People lose a total of 1-3 inches (2.5 to 7.5 cm) in height as they age, and women generally losing more than men. Height loss is more rapid after age 70. Weigh Cougarettes | Apr, 30 Cougarettes capture Silver at ICU World Cheerleading Championships. The BYU Cougarettes took home a Silver Medal in the hip hop division at the 2019 International Cheer Union World Cheerleading Championships, held April 24-26, at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at the Walt Disney World Resorts

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Actresse Terry Farrell. By KatKit 02/19/2019 Actresses. Terry Farrell measurements Body shape: Hourglass Dress size: 8 Breasts-Waist-Hips: 37-25-37 inches Shoe/Feet: 10 Bra size: 36C Cup size: C Height: 6' 0 Weight: 133 pounds Natural breasts Following is the list of 10 shortest Atheletes and sportsmen ever to play or be associated with sports. 10. Mugsy Bogues ,160 cm (5ft 3in) Mugsy Bogues was born on January 9, 1965, Baltimore, Maryland. Bogues is a retired American professional basketball player and former head coach of the now-defunct Charlotte Sting of the Women's National. As an author, Mireya wrote and published a book named 'Pink Boots and a Machete: My Journey From NFL Cheerleader to National Geographic Explorer'. 10 Facts About Mireya Mayor: Mireya Mayor was born in the year 1973, and she is currently 47 years old Caity first appeared in 2006 cheerleading comedy film Bring It On: All or Nothing as Pacific Vista Cheerleader. First TV Show. In 2010, she appeared in AMC's period drama series Mad Men for her role as Stephanie Horton. From 2010 to 2015, she has already appeared in 5 episodes playing the same role

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Question 1026698: The heights of men in the Canada are normally distributed with a mean of 68 inches and a standard deviation of 4 inches. a) What is the probability that a randomly selected man is taller than 70 inches? b) A random sample of five men is selected. What is the probability that the sample mean is greater than 70 inches Trailblazing Male Cheerleaders Join NFL Teams NFL took a progressive step when two teams added male cheerleaders to the lineup ― the first in the league's history. Subscribe to The Morning Email Height. At the age of 56, Teri Hatcher's height is 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm cm) or approximately 1.68 m meters or 66 inches inches. According to CDC, the average American height for men is 5′ 9″ inches (175 cm or 69 inches) and 5′ 4″ inches (162 cm or 64 inches) for women Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Jay's Soldier Fit. Jay's Soldier Fit was founded by Jay and Lin Johnson in 2001 as a way to help people reach their fitness goals. The camps quickly gained recognition from many Dallas area organizations as an effective way to get in shape and boost self-confidence. Thousands of people in the DFW area have. I guess being a male cheerleader has its perks as shown in this funny picture. Dailyhaha is your daily dose of laughs! Daily Haha - Your Daily Dose of Funny Pictures DailyHaHa Funny Pictures. All Funny Pictures. Male Cheerleaders. Maybe being a male cheerleader isnt so bad after all. 232 73. Share This. 10/17/2008

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Tough love, thy name is Monica Aldama. The 47-year-old head coach of Navarro's title-touting team is part den mother, part guidance counselor, and part cheer warden Male humans outgun any other primate species: For example, male gorillas can weigh as much as 400 pounds (180 kilograms), but their erect penis length is only about 1.5 inches (4 cm). Human males.

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Cheerleading Gift Hair Ties, Cheer Team Gift, Elastic Hair Ties, Creaseless Hair Ties, Cheerleading Accessories, Team Spirit, Hair Band. PeachPoppyCo. 5 out of 5 stars. (1,659) $3.00. Add to Favorites. More colors. Cheer Personalized Make Up bag. Custom Cheerleading bag The first step to determining the cheerleading team's role in an athletic department's mission is to understand the five main responsibilities of a cheerleader: Crowd Leader, Spirit Raiser, Ambassador, Athlete and Entertainer. As Crowd Leaders, the cheerleading team is the connection between the fans and the athletic team Los Angeles Rams Become The NFL's First Team To Introduce Male Cheerleaders Quinton Peron and Napolean Jinnies join 38 women on the squad. Published March 29, 2018. The Los Angeles Rams are making.

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Category Behind the Scenes Features Full Game Archive Highlights Interviews Podcasts Press Conferences Uncategorized. Video: Cheer - Wildcat Recruiting Video - University of Kentucky. Cheer - Wildcat Recruiting Video. Jan 13, 2021. Watch: Cheer Tryout Message 4,440 high school cheerleading stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See high school cheerleading stock video clips. of 45. zombie teenager group zombie cheerleaders on field pompomgirl cheerleaders yramid cheerleader formation cheerleaer cheerleader portrait cheerleading team pompom girls These are not shopped, they are basketball players for the University of Kentucky womens basketball team. I cannot post personal info but if you go to their roster it isnt hard to figure out who is who.... The cheerleaders are also on the roster for the University of Kentucky cheerleading squad. Go Cats. 1.1k In order to calculate your ideal body measurements you'll need: Height. Wrist site. Ankle size. Head size (measure around at forehead height) Pelvis size (the widest part of your pelvis) Knee size. You can get these measurements from using a tape measure to measure each body part. This tool only shows your ideal measurements using Steve's. The transition from high school cheerleading to college cheerleading can be a challenge. There are many different aspects of being a college cheerleader compared to the good ole high school days. Know exactly what changes to expect with our college cheer guide that covers it all! Tryouts First things first you have to try out [

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Learn More. Learn More. BET Awards 2021 Best Male R&B/Pop Artist Poll Video. 02:19. Copy. Subscribe. Clip (02:19) 2 minutes ago. BET Awards: BET Awards 2021 Best Male R&B/Pop Artist Poll Video Brandi Levy is an average person who was a schoolgirl and a cheerleader. She was a student of Mahanoy Area School. She was the cheerleader for her school's softball team. And she was one of the most senior of them. But the school decided a freshman to passed over the varsity cheerleading team Netflix's 'Cheer' is the documentary that hard-working cheerleaders have long deserved The Cheer documentary series follows the competitive cheerleaders of Navarro College in Corsicana. There is not a weight or height restriction. 2021-22 CHEERLEADING AUDITION REQUIREMENTS To be considered for an tryout, your application and all required documents must be submitted no later than. Her weight is 53 kg height 5'4″. Her US Dress Size size is 6. Danielle Gamba brilliant figure. Danielle Gamba Careers and Occupationsal Dancer, Fashion Model and shows her skills many time in different places. She is very popular in her fans and has a lots of fan following. Danielle Gamba is well educated person Height & Body Measurements. Talking about Dana's body measurement, she has a decent height of 5 feet 2 inches. She has a body mass weighing 48 kg. The color of her is blonde and has a pair of blue color eye. Her body stats are measured at 34-23-34 inches. She has a bra size of 32B