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Joe's Classic Car Radio Co. is ready to provide a unique audio product for each classic car owner. Whether you need your radio beautifully restored to stock condition, or upgraded to a full on modern car audio experience, we have an option for you! Since 1996, Joe's Classic Car Radio strives to provide the absolute best quality work and. Wish you could upgrade your factory classic car radio? You can, and you don't have to hack your car up or buy a cheesy looking aftermarket stereo. Here's how..

Vintage Car Radio has everything you need for your classic, restored or full hot rod ride. You can get everything from radio systems for your Chevy, or speakers for your Ford, Vintage Car Radio has it all. You'll get the best service in the business and at prices that you can't beat. So don't go anywhere but Vintage Car Radio because we do more. A quick summary: At Cruz Classic Radio we expertly restore and upgrade old car radios. Almost all American and a few foreign-made vintage car radios, antique car radios, classic car radios can be made to sound again as if they were new, even tube radios Vintage Radio Repair also done antique classic car radio conversions today!! FMR-2 180 WATTS . We did Dan Woods 1963 Comet! BT-2 Bluetooth. 30 Years US Navy. Imagine cruising down the road in your classic vehicle or hotrod with with your favorite music streaming from it's original radio. A call comes in on your smart phone and the radio. Internal speaker upgrade (Big Box Radios)= Add $65.00. 6 Volt Radios/ Positive Ground Radios= Add $95.00. Add RCA style Pre-outs= Add $25.00. Add BLUETOOTH= Add $175.00. Add USB= Add $100.00. Add USB and BLUETOOTH= Add $225.00 (a $50.00 discount) NEW! Add Digital Radio/ DAB module= Add $125.00

Aurora Design is now the only solution for your classic vehicle radio that offers Worldwide digital radio support. Offering HD Radio™ Technology for North America and DAB/DAB+ support for the rest of the world using a patent pending interface, once again Aurora Design technology makes the other guys upgrades look ancient by comparison The Classic Radio Restoration brand is an extension of our Mopar Interior Component Restoration business Mr.Heaterbox and Interior. Out of our shop we restore everything for the interior of classic Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth and AMC vehicles. With our existing shop, tools and techniques, we can also update any make or model of. Classic Car Radio Upgrades Most British classic car radios of the 50s, 60s & 70s were made to receive Medium and Long waves (AM) only. Still fine today if you only ever want to listen to the Shipping Forecast, Test Match Special or Five Live The radio has a striking resemblance (with a couple of upgrades) yet has FM Stereo, and endlessly enhanced sound quality. Put present day sound in your auto without trading off the presence of the dash. The new FMR-1 Receiver PCB is ideal for stereo transformation. This entry was posted in Classic Radios on July 12, 2016 by brad

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  1. Vintage Car Audio radios are the best choice for your Vintage, or Classic Automobile! These radio's are completely loaded with features and provide the best sound, and each one is custom configured to fit your exact dash with no cutting or modifications! Reproduction Radios are ALL new radios made to look and fit exactly just like the original.
  2. Classic car radio restoration and upgrade. Shop for classic car radio or have your own radio restored and upgraded with modern technology. Valve and transistor car radios from 1930's to 1970's
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  4. Vintage Auto Radio Brand new original looking radios with Bluetooth Aurora AM/FM stereo Bluetooth USB DAB HD radio conversions that maintains the radio's original OEM look, feel,and functions, but provides updated modern circuitry to be able to use todays modern speakers so that you can remember your old car or truck better than it was

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Retro Manufacturing, LLC 7470 Commercial Way Henderson, NV 89011 Toll Free: 888.325.1555 Phone: 702.483.2222 Fax: 702.483.2229 Hours of Operation Call 928-533-9666. 8 Track - FM Conversion - USB - Power Upgrades - BLUETOOTH. Hey guys, thanks for stopping by ! I specialize in the repair and modernization of radios and 8 track players. for classic cars from roughly 1950 to 1980. I can add FM, Bluetooth, USB reader, Aux inputs and massive. audio power to any classic car AM radio, AM-FM. USA-630 AM/FM Classic Radio with Bluetooth by Custom Autosound®. This is designed to provide the best in audio technology wrapped in a classic car stereo look. It will fit your car or truck's stock dash without any modifications... RDS tuner shows station / song / artist on LCD display AM-FM Stereo. $229.00 - $249.00 Subscribe Now:http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowautoWatch More:http://www.youtube.com/ehowautoModernizing a vintage car radio will keep..

Every Car Radio Upgrade Should Look as Good as Porsche Classic's. Porsche is improving and expanding its vintage car radio upgrade range, with a new setup for 996-gen 911s—and even some early. Vintage Classic Car Stereo with Bluetooth Single Din FM Car Radio, Dual Knob Car Audio Receiver with Remote Control, Built-in Microphone, Hands-Free Calling Support USB/SD/AUX. 3.3 out of 5 stars 37. Save 22%. $20.99 $ 20. 99 $26.99 $26.99. Lowest price in 30 days. Get it as soon as Thu, Jul 15 Here at Classic Car Stereo we offer a range of in car radio and digital audio equipment for your classic car, Our systems fit in your existing spindle or Din fitting without any vehicle modification and maintaining the authentic look of your classic car radio. Our Classic 200, Classic 200B, Vintage 100, hidden bluetooth amplifier [ So you are thinking about upgrading the radio in your classic car to a classic looking unit with modern features. Let's not forget about speakers. Next up is to upgrade and improve the other componenets of your stereo such as the speakers, adding an amp or possibly adding a subwoofer Custom Autosound Mfg., Inc. established in 1977 is the originator and industry leader of 'Classic Car Audio'. They manufacture radios made exclusively for classic and custom vehicles featuring AM-FM cassettes, CD changer control radios and dual speaker upgrades for American Classics from the '40's to '80's

Vintage Tube Radio & MP3 Upgrade: This i'ble will take you though the restoration of a vintage tube radio to near-original condition and in the process, upgrade it to play to MP3s with a low cost, easy to build AM transmitter. This project does not rely on making permanent cha Tadpole Radios specialise in upgrading and restoring original classic and vintage car radios. We provide period radios with all the features and sound quality you would expect from a modern sound system. All our Standard conversions are carried out within the original box of the radio, after first removing all original electronics In England, however, Adrian James' Car Radio Repair & Restoration Service has been updating old radios for years, with a conversion from Antique Automobile Radio that uses the face, case and tuner assembly of almost any vintage stereo. But because AAR isn't interested in the imported-car hobby, the American hobby hasn't known about the product Classic Car Radio. Bespoke car radios for your Classic vehicle. We can rework your existing radio, or supply a radio chassis of your liking, to allow you to play and control DAB & FM radio, Bluetooth hands-free & music streaming and more. This is achieved by installing modern components into your old radio chassis, retaining the look, feel and.

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  1. Tayman Electrical stereo solutions for collector cars. TAYMAN ELECTRICAL LLC Radio Solutions for classic, antique, and collector vehicles (1930's - 1970's) Phone: 941-371-8924 Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:00 Eastern Time -- If no answer please leave message E-MAIL ANYTIME: radio@garytayman.com. Our Specialty
  2. Hidden Bluetooth Integration for your Existing System. Whether you want to upgrade the existing late model car stereo or want a little more out of a classic car's audio system, Out of Sight Audio's device can do this without modifying or altering the stock look or functionality of the existing audio system
  3. Here Are Our Picks for the Best Car Stereo Head Units of 2021: The Best Fully-Loaded Touchscreen Car Stereo: Kenwood DNX997XR 6.8 Touchscreen Receiver. The Best Single-DIN Car Stereo: Sony RSX-GS9 GS-Series Hi-Res Digital Media Player. The Best Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Touchscreen Car Stereo: Kenwood DDX9907XR 6.8 Receiver
  4. It's the best solution for classic car owners who want to preserve the original look and feel of their classic car. Adds an AUX-IN port to your old car radio Can be used with all devices that have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack such as iPhone, iPod, Android smartphone, mp3 player, portable CD player, or cassette tape deck
  5. 1972 Continental Edison R43 upgrade. We were thrilled to meet the Salvage Hunters Classic Cars team, and had huge fun helping them out with their 1972 Citroen DS Continental Edison R43 radio. Watch the episode when it's aired on QUEST 6th Jan 2021 at 9 pm and also available on Discovery + from Wednesday 23 Dec 2020

We service antique car radios from the beginning of car radio to 1979. Most every manufacturer of American of car radio can be serviced: Ford, General Motors (GM), Philco, Mopar, Chrysler, and more including some Grundig and Blaupunkt. 12vdc with positive or negative ground. 6vdc with positive or negative ground Porsche Classic Upgrade Finally Brings Apple CarPlay To Old-School 911s Porsche's updated classic stereo line offers Apple CarPlay from the earliest 911s all the way though the extremely nineties. About Radio-Upgrade. What makes Radio-Upgrade products different? - They are exact-fit factory radio replacement GPS navigation car stereos. They plug-and-play with the existing vehicle wiring so no connectors and adapters are needed Restoration projects may call for replicas of original classic car stereos, radios, and speakers or may use original stock parts with AM radios, AM/FM car stereo radios, radio receivers with cassette decks, and systems with analog dials. Owners may upgrade using retro-sound units that may also have USB connectors, Bluetooth capability, and.

- Radio - P/N: 68340153AJ - I ordered it used, manufacture date is 2019, it's out of a 2019 Ram Classic as well so I'm pretty sure this is correct. - HVAC Module - P/N: 68366552AA - I ordered this from Mopar brand new, from some of what I read in the forums with potential issues, I didn't want to attempt a used one Classic Car Wiring accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, personal checks, money orders, cash and Paypal. If paying with a check or money order, print and fill out the order form located at this link, so we can prepare your shipment and contact you if necessary. Checks & money orders should be made out to Classic Car Wiring Check out the retro upgrade radios and classic radio upgrades available at Becker Auto Sound LLC. Visit 101 US RT 46 West today

This is a specially curated selection of car stereos, designed to fit in and integrate with specific vehicles, including a line of stereos for classic cars. Whether you're restoring an old Mustang or looking to upgrade your new Wrangler, definitely check them out Vintage Classic Car Stereo with Bluetooth Single Din FM Car Radio, Dual Knob Car Audio Receiver with Remote Control, Built-in Microphone, Hands-Free Calling Support USB/SD/AUX 37 $24.98 $ 24 . 98 Car Stereo for Bluetooth, Retro Car FM Radio Smart Player, Electronic Auto FM Radio Receiver, Hands-Free Calling, Support MP3/WMA/WAV/AUX Antique & classic car stereo radios. We replace all electrolytic capacitors, all paper capacitors and all oil filled capacitors.; We replace any out of tolerance resistors.; We replace the vibrator with a SOLID STATE VIBRATOR.; We replace the rectifier with a SOLID STATE RECTIFIER.; We precisely align the rf and if circuts.; We clean, lubricate and align the tuner and pushbuttons Finally, the best LOOKING stereo for your car is also the best PERFORMING! Designed and built in Detroit to tough SAE standards, this product is specifically designed to work with virtually any analog-tuned car radio made from the 1930's through 1970's. It's not a novelty; it performs, using the same components found in OEM stereos in new cars There are many ways to upgrade the old audio system in a classic car to a modern aftermarket car audio system. From simply upgrading the vehicle?s speakers to installing an entirely new stereo, the options depend on how much time, effort, and work the owner is willing to give

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  1. 2013-2017 Factory Ram 2500 3500 HD 4SP GPS Navigation 8.4AN RA4 Radio Upgrade. INTRODUCTION Our reconditioned factory OEM radios feature a 90-day guarantee and a hassle-free return policy. Extended warranties are also available! The RA4 system contains integrated navigation mapping which... Starting at $1,199.95
  2. Do you have a Classic Car and want modern sound without the modern look? From our original radio conversions to our range of new retro radio's. we have all you need to get high performance audio in your classic car. Website, maintenance and hosting by : Abingdon Computing Essential
  3. Sep 13, 2015. Location: Harewood, Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ. It seems to me the best choice is get the current radio upgraded, then simply plug your phone into the (new) socket, and - adjusting the radio to the Bluetooth frequency play your phone through your radio. No need to listen to the radio, just Bluetooth
  4. Now you can upgrade your factory stereo without losing those ever-so convenient steering wheel controls. We offer steering wheel interfaces that enable you to continue using your vehicle's steering wheel controls even after installing a new after-market car stereo. For any questions, give us a call at 1-877-289-7664
  5. Fine tune your car with vintage vehicle radios. Create a retro look with a vintage radio to complete your car. On eBay, you'll find an extensive range of vintage vehicle radios that will ensure you can replace malfunctioning models, renovate older cars with authentic parts or install a retro radio in your new car for a touch of retro style
  6. One of the best upgrades for the money is to add a dedicated subwoofer system to your car stereo. Even premium audio systems in luxury cars often lack the ability to reproduce the bottom octave of the music we enjoy. From pop, rock and country music to hip-hop or classical, all genres contain surprising amounts of bass that often goes unheard
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2. Find a stereo that fits your car. The ease of this depends on how 'classic' your vehicle is. A common industry standard in place since 1984 called DIN car radio size, makes it easy to fit any stereo to any car. Your car will have either a single DIN slot for the stereo head unit (roughly 7 inches by 2 inches) or a double DIN slot (roughly 7. Watch My Classic Car - Season 9, Episode 24 - Blackie Gejeian Collection, Classic Car Radio Upgrades: This week on My Classic Car, Dennis Gage visits with hot rod legend Blackie Gejeian about some.

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AM/FM/CD Classic Radio with Bluetooth by Custom Autosound®. Custom Autosound's USA4-DIN radio is a great choice for any classic car or truck with a DIN radio opening (approx. 7.2 x 2.11). This includes most foreign and domestic.. Cambridge Car Audio specialise in bespoke luxury sound systems. Whether it be crisp clear treble or deep ground trembling bass, we tailor each system for the music you listen to. The world's. best. auto parts. To Book a free audio consultation, please click on the Book Now button below: FULL DA

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Crappy cars tend to have crappy audio inputs, limiting you to radios, cassette tapes, or a CD player at best. Each situation has a few upgrade options. Here are the most common situations and. A wide range of classic car radio and DAB digital radio equipment for your retro classic car, Our systems fit into your existing spindle mount aperture without modification of the dashboard, maintaining the authentic look of your classic. Next day free UK delivery from CarAudioStuff.co.u The customer left with a vehicle that now sounded as good as it looked, all the while being able to play their modern electronics in their beautiful, classic 1968 Camaro. We love it when a plan comes together. At WSS Westminster Speed and Sound, we specialize in classic car audio upgrades. To learn more, we invite you to stop in, call, or. In-Dash Car Audio Upgrades We have many incredible choices for upgrading your in-dash stereo to something more modern and feature-rich. With inclusive technologies such as Bluetooth, iPod/iPhone integration, apps, navigation, DVD playback, USB and SD card support, there's a host of features that'll make your car the center of your.

Restomod vs. Classic Restoration. Wayne Carini, the host of Discovery TV's Chasing Classic Cars, says you can add technology to a classic car (and he has done it).However, it means your classic might become a restomod. What Is a Restomod? A restomod is a classic car that has had modern technology added to it Porsche Audio System Upgrades. Whether your Porsche rolled off of the assembly line with a radio from Becker, a Bose audio system or one of the amazing Porsche Connect systems with a 12-inch glass touchscreen, you can make that audio system sound better. Automakers walk a balance between delivering features that consumers want and controlling.

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Supported Media: Many of today's car stereo receivers can wirelessly connect through Bluetooth to your smartphone to play music from your library, stream Internet radio, make hands-free calls and access your favorite apps. Wired connections for your MP3 player or iPod can also be made through USB or AUX ports.. Satellite and HD Radio: Some receivers come equipped with built-in satellite radio. This upgrade dramatically improves the overall volume that your stereo can achieve and delivers a massive upgrade in bass output and quality. We have systems specially designed for Harley Davidson baggers: ElectraGlide (FLHTC), StreetGlide (FLHX), RoadGlide (FLTRU) and Ultra Classic (FLHTCU) models. We can also customize a solution for most any. Growing market for new old-look radios. For owners restoring classic and antique cars, there's interest in bringing digital music and cellular connections to the dashboard while maintaining the. Retrosound Classic Car Radio. RetroCarStuff offer a large range of classic styled modern radios with Digital radio, USB, Bluetooth and many more features available, Spindle mount Classic Car Stereo or DIN mounting options available.. Choose the basic bare-bones unit and add style with special facia panels and knob sets to make up your own classic car stereo model

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  1. Our classic car radios and speakers are manufactured to the same standards and often in the same facilities as major brand name audio companies. Our skilled technicians modify each of our custom fit in-dash radios by hand to ensure a perfect fit in your vehicle's dash. We implement rigorous quality control and use only the best technologies.
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Antique & Classic Car Radio Internet Store. Classic car stereos, Antique car stereos, Vintage car stereos, Classic car radios, Antique car radios, Vintage car radios This electronic update offers classic car owners a great way to upgrade the functionality of the climate control system and improve the look of their dash. This drop-in upgrade features LED back lighting, a compressor-engagement indicator, and variable slide adjustments for fan speed, temperature, and air-delivery selections

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That way, you can keep your car's classic looks, but update its technology - and with a head unit from the manufacturer itself. Two versions are available, one with a 3.5-inch display for classic cars with single DIN slots (going as far back as the 911 F from 1965), and one with a 7-inch display for more modern vehicles, including all 996 and. If your old car has an AM radio, you can obtain more stations and better sound quality by converting it to FM with an FM car radio converter box. These boxes essentially work the same way as digital TV converters: the FM signal comes through the antenna and enters the box's tuner. Then the converter transfers the. Challenge 3: You never had a stereo in the first place. Solution: UE Wonderboom ($100) • I bought my 2009 GEM e4 street-legal golf cart secondhand from the Navy. And Uncle Sam didn't spring for. Moreover, both units include support for DAB+, a digital radio standard that's popular outside of North America. At €1,439.89 and €1,606.51 (approximately $1550 and $1729, respectively), the.

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This was long the classic car upgrade upon which a thousand local car stereo stores once thrived. They're still a big category, but factory audio systems have become quite good and, frankly, our. Classic Car Radio Repair in Houston on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Automobile Radios & Stereo Systems in Houston, TX

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Barry Brown, owner of Riter Vintage Car Care in Rochester, New York, a shop that knows its way around Z-cars, repaired the hydraulics. After letting the Z sit for almost a decade, John was back behind the wheel. It felt familiar and strange all at the same time as I drove the old 240Z down the road, he recalls New 180 Watt Digital AM/FM Stereo Conversion Keep that original look - Replace that old sound! Have your original factory radio converted to AM/FM Stereo with an audio output power of 45 watts per channel x 4 channels - 180 watts total.The new Aurora Design conversion board uses Phase Lock Loop technology to keep you locked on station and a more powerful 4 channel audio amplifier

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Chevy Car Radio Cross Reference. Note: If no particular car model is listed after the year, it means that. the radio could have been installed in a wide variety of car models. Please bear with us while we add later years to complete the list. 1948 Truck..GMT3A6. 1948 Truck..GMT53A6. 1949 Truck..GMT3A6. 1949 Truck..GMT53A6 Car Stereo Buying Guide. Car Toys has the largest selection of car stereos, car audio, car radio and at the most competitive prices. Whether you're looking for a simple car stereo, capacitive in dash touchscreen navigation, Apple CarPlay, Google navigation or other features and options - we have hundreds of car stereos for you to choose from That's why I really like this idea: an official Porsche Classic radio with a built-in 3.5-inch touch-sensitive display, that manages to look not too out of place in the dashboards of older 911. The Radio Doctor can hook you up with heated wash expert installation. Call 808-221-9292 for more information. No need to carry another remote control unit with the Viper Vehicle Auto Start that can use your Smart phone to remotely start your car and more. Talk to the Radio Doctor at 608-221-9292 for expert installation

Popular Classic Cars Latest popular cars by search and tags. AC Cobra , TVR , Jaguar E-type , Shelby 427 Cobra , Maserati Ghibli , Aston Martin DB5 , Mercedes 300SL Gullwing , Mustang Boss , Corvette Sting Ray , FERRARI DINO 246 GT , Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto , Dodge Charger 1969 , Lamborghini Miura , Toyota 2000G Some DAB car radios have a USB slot which can be placed in the glovebox. The most affordable in-dash radios start at around £90. Even though DAB digital radio is the most likely reason for upgrading you'll often also get a CD player, FM and AM reception, an AUX input socket and USB connection Car Stereo Upgrades | Car Audio Kits | Radio Replacement - InCarTec. InCar Tec is a UK based manufacturer and distributor of car audio adapters, cables and accessories. We specialise in stereo upgrades, multimedia & bluetooth integration, speaker upgrades, reversing camera integration & retention 2. If your car's older, upgrade that horrible in-dash radio Price: Less than $100 (barely) You can get any number of head units that will not only offer cleaner sound, they'll pair with your. 0:00. 0:00. 0:00 / 14:12. Live. •. We work on all types of radios - and we have demos available for most brands. Lokar Car Show - Ep 1404 - YouTube. Masters Entertainment Group. 22.4K subscribers

1969 Firebird and Trans Am Radio with Front Ipod Hook Up. PART NUMBER: DAS-2823. DISCONTINUED, TRY PART# DAS-2600. 1969 Firebird Radio with BLUETOOTH, USB, and AUXILIARY Inputs, 200 Watts. PART NUMBER: DAS-2600. Our Price: $259.95. Add To Cart. 1969 Firebird Radio, AM / FM Stereo, OE Style with Bluetooth® Electro-Tech can provide complete classic car radio restoration services. In addition to radio restoration, we can convert your original factory radio to AM/FM Stereo with up to 4 channels and 180watts of total amplifer power all contained in and using the original radio case and controls. To send us a radio for repair or conversion please. Woody's offers several options when it comes to replacing or adding speakers to your classic & collectable car. From a stock replacement to upgrading stock speakers, we carry the most popular sizes including: 3.5, 4, 5, 5.25, 5X7, 4X10 & 6X9. Dual voice coil speakers are a single speaker with two tweeters that share a common woofer. If you have a single front speaker we have upgrade. Chevy classic muscle cars such as a 1969 Camaro, Chevelle, Nova, Monte Carlo, and El Camino are some of our specialties. That's why you'll find all the classic Chevy car parts and components you need to either restore a vintage Chevy model car or truck or upgrade a late model auto to performance status. Whether it's classic GM Performance parts.

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Using the existing car stereo, the Nulaxy FM Transmitter is able to play whatever your phone is playing over the car's existing speaker system. It works really simply: 1. Tune the Nulaxy FM. Porsche Launches CarPlay Radios for Classic Porsches. Thursday April 23, 2020 8:25 am PDT by Eric Slivka. Porsche has recently launched new CarPlay-equipped audio systems compatible with classic. Porsche unveils CarPlay-compatible radios for its classic cars. Porsche is introducing new head units that combine vintage design with more modern conveniences, like high-resolution touchscreens.

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1968 Camaro Long Beach Radio w/SiriusXM - Chrome Radio, Buttons & Knobs w/Walnut Face Plate. RetroSound Long Beach Radio w/SiriusXM - Chrome Radio, Buttons & Knobs w/ Vertical Walnut Grain Face Plate The new Long Beach radio is SiriusXM-Ready® and the only Apple®-licensed Made-For-iPod® radio for your classic car!... MSRP $417.99 kit Specialties: We are a complete car customization and fabrication shop specializing in everything from wheels, tires, lift kits, lowering kits, paint, custom fiberglass, custom audio, truck accessories, marine accessories, off road accessories and even Home theater. Established in 2005. Next Level started out of the garage as a one man operation and has progressed to a full service all. 1. Plug-in-and-play car radio adaptors. Plug-in-and-play DAB radio adaptors are the most popular way to get DAB radio in your car, since they don't require serious modifications to your car interior. All you need to do is plug them in for power, fix in place the control unit, attach the aerial to your windscreen and neatly fix any wires into place

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Whether you listen to your music in the car via a traditional FM car stereo, or you listen from a DAB car stereo, Halfords has every type of car audio device you could need for your journey. If you need extra bass to enhance your music while you drive, then take a look at our range of Car Amps & Subs to give you that extra dimension to your music Installing a Bluetooth adapter is a good option if you want to keep the existing stereo system in your car. Option 3: Add a Universal Bluetooth Kit. If you only need a Bluetooth device for hands-free calls, a stand-alone universal Bluetooth kit is an affordable option. It comes with a small built-in speaker and microphone that attach to your.

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Chevrolet Chevelle Car Stereo Installation with Focal2018 Dodge Durango Stereo System Upgrade • AdrenalineCenter Console Fabrication Car Stereo Installations in1957-79 VW Bug Custom Kick & Rear Deck Speaker Panels ForREVAC Papers - Elettroniche