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15.5'' Pink Designer Beaker Bong Pretty in pink, this larger than life bong has a nice pink hue and a carefully crafted shape. It's over a foot tall, made of 7mm(!!) thick borosilicate glass for extra durability and has a gorgeous accented mouthpiece. Specifications: Height: 15.5'' 14mm Bowl Ice Catcher for smoothe Hello Kitty Beaker Bong - Pink Glass. $ 55.99. This pink hello kitty beaker bong is made from pink glass. She stands approximately 10 inches high. She's adorned with a pretty pink base, pink downstem, pink glass bowl, and a Hello Kitty logo. Get Bitcoin to buy it Pink Phoenix · 14 Inch · Pink Tall Beaker Base Ice Bong. 109.99 $ 249.99 Save 57%. Only 5 lef The 8 Best Pink Bongs. 1. Diamond Glass 13 Pink Beaker Waterpipe With Tree Perc. 2. Envy Glass 17″ Straight Tube with Dual Colored Pop Rocks Perc and Bowl. 3. PieceMaker Kali Beaker Base Silicone Bong. 4. Faberge Egg Showerhead Water Pipe - Colorship - 10″

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  1. Hello Kitty Beaker Bong - Pink Glass $ 55.99 Add to cart. Tree of Life - Glow in the Dark Bong $ 59.99 Add to cart. Scarlet Sapling Beaker Bong $ 69.99 Add to cart. Rachel Water Pipe $ 94.99 Add to cart. Gas Mask Bong - Silicone $ 44.99 - $ 49.99 Select options. Stardust Waterpipe $ 225.00 Add to cart
  2. The HEMPER Pink Beaker Bong is a classic piece with a little flair. The bright pink adds a new light to a timeless bong giving it the reliability of the beaker with the style of pretty, pretty pink. Our Pink Beaker Bong features a straight downstem slide percolator with diffusion slits to further diffuse smoke or vapor
  3. Beaker base bongs. Beaker bongs get their name and their distinctive shape from classic laboratory beakers. The bong is defined by a wide flared base, which tapers up into a straight neck. This design mimics the shape of an Erlenmeyer flask, which is designed to maximize the volume and surface area of the bottom of the chamber
  4. Pretty. Pink. MASSIVE. This bong stands at a whopping 16 high. Its height makes it possible to load huge rips. One of the coolest features about this classy-colored bong is its ice catch! Because the ice catch on this bong is situated at the base of the long neck, you can load a ton of ice, so your hits will be smooth as a baby's bottom

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2) Silicone Oil Barrel Water Pipe. Best Pink Bong for an Extra Fab Smoking Sesh. This unbreakable silicone bong will last the test of time and is a fave with lovers of vibrant color. View Price at Toker Supply. If you're fed up breaking your favorite glass bongs, it's time you added a silicone bong to your collection The Pink Octopus Beaker Bong by Sky High Glass is an eye catching water pipe which has a total height of 13 inches as well as a base width of 5 inches. Being hand blown in California using thick 7 MM glass this piece can easily withstand damage from drops of even increased levels of heat. This bong also comes with a diffused downstem which.

The beaker bong and its cute cousin, the bubble bong, as well as other non-straight bottomed water pipes, tend to have more variety and creativity in their designs, since there's more surface area to work with. Some designs include a lip, a ring, or a slightly more flared base to increase the stability of the piece Pink, Curvy, and Cute Bong Curvy Tube 14mm female joint 14mm male bowl included 4.5 downstem length Three pinch ice catcher Beaker base Heat-safe glass Cold, chilly rips Description Curvy, cute, pink, and poppin, the Pink Outfall Curved Tube Beaker Bong has everything stoner bae could ask for. This cu This honeycomb design bong measures about 10 in length. It has 3 ice notches thus provides cooler smokes. Comes with slotted downstem that acts as an percolator. Includes a 14mm male bowl. Made of high quality materials

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  1. TAG - 14 Beaker 50x5MM - 18/14MM Downstem (4.00) $67.99 - $89.99. MSRP: $89.99. Rated 4.9 out of 5. 19 Reviews. 1. 2. Beaker water pipes feature a beaker base that is instantly recognizable as one of the most classic water pipe styles ever designed. There are many advantages of a beaker-style tube compared to a traditional water pipe.
  2. ine flair of gorgeous pink color. While this piece is visually lovely and adorable, its true wow factor is its functionality
  3. 10 Pink Beaker Bong W/ 3D Leaf Print. Regular price $79.99 Sale price $49.99 Sale View. 10 Skull Frosted Glass Beaker Bong. Regular price $72.99 Sale price $46.99 Sale View. 8 Glow-In-The-Dark Honeybee Beaker Bong. From $33.99 View. 6 Mini Glass Beaker Bong. On sale from $35.99.
  4. Pink Purple Blue Green + 2 12 Rose Glass Bong. Fat Buddha Glass $ 119.99. Sold out Pandora Inline Bong. Pulsar $ 89.99. Gray High Style 12 Beaker Bong. Fat Buddha Glass $ 59.99. Green Blue Black Sold out 18 Beaker Bong w/Marbles. Biohazard $ 89.99. Yellow.
  5. Description The HEMPER Pink Beaker Bong is a classic piece with a little flair. The bright pink adds a new light to a timeless bong giving it the reliability of the beaker with the style of pretty, pretty pink. Our Pink Beaker Bong features a straight downstem slide percolator with diffusion slits to further diffuse s
  6. Presenting to you our spectacularly wicked 6 inch frosted glass beaker base bong! With a carb hole in the back and a beautiful smoking bowl, this bong is sure to give its users a wonderfully awesome smoking experience every single time. Whether you're buying as a gift or a personal item, this beautiful frosted glass beaker base bong is a.

Smoke in style with the 12 LV themed beaker water pipe. Made by AMG from high-quality borosilicate glass in the United States , this pipe is pretty in pink with its sandblasted, LV inspired exterior. This beaker also features an ice catcher and a 14-18 mm diffuser downstem 18 x 9mm Pink Palms Specialty Slab Beaker Bong $ 219.00 Slide image. Quick View. 10 x 44mm Color Top Beaker Bong. Black. Butter. Forest Green. Pink. Purple. Seafoam. Slime. White. $ 129.00 Slide image. Sold Out. Quick View. 18 x 9mm Hawaii Floral Specialty Slab Beaker Bong $ 219.00 Slide image. Quick View. 12 x 9mm Classic Beaker Bong. Red. Purple California Retro 18 Full Color Beaker Bong $ 239.00. Slide image. Quick View. Monterey Recycler. Seafoam and Black. White and Ink Blue. Purple Milk and Purple. Black and Ooze. pink 6 Stoned Genie Beaker Base Bong w/ Carb Hole. $12.99. 6 Frosted Blue Beaker Bong. $12.99. 8 Pink Side Joint Bong. $22.99. 7 Silicone Bong. $19.99. 5 Black Mini Bong w/ Carb Hole

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Pulsar Stack Jellyfish Perc Beaker Bong. Regular price $139.99 Save $-139.99. This large beaker-style bong is ready to become your next daily driver with excellent dual percolator water filtration. The bong is made with thick borosilicate glass with colorful accents and stands 17 inches (43 cm) tall 2 Reviews. Maverick Glass - 9MM THICK PIZZA BEAKER BONG 18''. $ 229.99. Maverick Glass - 9MM FOREST TIE DYE BEAKER BONG. $ 229.99. Maverick Glass - 7mm Thick Pyramid Beaker Bong 12''. $ 199.99. Maverick - 18'' Beaker + Ashcatcher Combo 9mm Thick. $ 225.00 The beaker bong: The beaker style bong consists of a base which has a beaker or pyramid design that manifests into a long straight tube and mouthpiece. Beaker bongs take a little extra time after the bowl is pulled to clear the chamber. The straight tube bong: Just as it sounds the bong follows a straight tube design from base to neck.

18 x 9mm Pink & White Thick Beaker Bong. Handcrafted in Los Angeles from extra durable 9mm borosilicate glass, our 18 Thick Beaker is a modern take on traditional bongs. The tall base provides a roomy chamber for thick clouds, filtered and diffused through our included removable downstem. The three-pronged pinch above the base provides a. Mint DC Beaker Bong Pink & White. Regular price. $199. View. Mint GX Glycerin Bubbler UV Pink. Regular price. $139. View. LMAO The Lagoon Beaker Bong 7mm Pink

8 Glass Beaker Bong - Pink Trim. 15 reviews. $39.99. Double Kink Mini Zong Bong 7. 12 reviews. $50.00 $34.99 Sale. Portable & Instant Water Pipe. 2 reviews. $25.00 $12.99 Sale Wishlist. Quick View. KING's Pipe Glass - 18 inch 9mm Thick Glass Beaker Bong. Main Features 9mm Bong 18''... Main Features 9mm Bong 18'' Beaker Bong Made in USA (Hand Crafted in So. Cal.) 18mm Female FAT Joint Comes with a 14mm/18mm Diffused Downstem Comes with a 14mm Male... price $129.99 AMAZING bong, I bought the tree perc beaker as BD gift for my hubby, it's super thick, chunky and well made. Joint, mouthpiece and perc all perfect and level, he uses it every night. The function is amazing and allows a really, really clean pull, rips like a champ, and easy to clean, me and hubby are very happy, definitely a lot cheaper than.

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GRAV - Premium Pipes & Bongs. NEW. New Best Sellers Gift Cards. CATEGORIES. Hand Pipes Bubblers Water Pipes Accessories Apparel & Merch Vapor One Hitters. COLLECTIONS. GRAV Sip Series Helix STAX Upline Orbis Arcline Jane West. BLOG. MY ACCOUNT Main Features Leopard Graphic on the Base Pink Bong 15'' High Beaker Ice Catcher (Ice Pinch) Beaker type Glass Water Pipe Comes with 14mm/18mm Low Profile Diffused Downstem Comes with... price $124.9 7 2-in-1 fixed 3 hole stem diffuser bubbler. (0) Quality Borosilicate Glass 7 Height 4.4 mm Thick Glass Bowl and banger for 14 mm female joint fixed 3 hole stem diffuser. $47.95. Sale. Quick shop. Choose options. 1. Sale Ueeglass 8 Inch Pink Beaker Bong $ 39.99. Out of stock. Browse. Accessories; Beaker Bongs; Best Sellers; Bubblers; Dab Rigs; Dab Tools; 4.88 × 4.88 × 8.78 in: Related products. Add to wishlist. Quick View. Ueeglass 7mm Thick Beaker Bong with Colored Neck and Matrix Perc $ 139.99. Add to wishlist. Quick View. Ueeglass 10 inch 9mm Beaker. 10 Ice Pinch Pink Hello Cat Glass Water Pipe. unique beaker based pink mouth, pink base, pink down stem, pink bowl with Hello Cat picture The Pipe have 18mm female joints, and 18mm female slide the bowl is 14mm male bowl. completed set. Ice pinch Height: 10 inches Thickness: 5 mm Baker base diameter: 3.5 inches .

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  1. We have a variety of girly and cute bongs for sale in our collection. We have pretty bongs with purple and pink accents as well as cute, girly themed bongs. In this collection you will find awesome looking girly bongs from brands such as My Bud Vase, Diamond Glass, and others
  2. Straight tube water pipes will hold less water than beaker base pipes, but many users prefer the lighter weight and style. Shop Straight Bongs. Bubble Base Bongs. The bubble base style of bong was popularized around the 1970s, and is a familiar look to many. These water pipes either often come with a pedestal base, or sits directly at the.
  3. The Beaker Shaped Bong. The beaker shaped bong takes its name from it's laboratory look-alike and has a much wider base than the regular straight neck bong, which gives it more stability. It is also easy to use and clean. The Multi-Chamber or Recycler Bong. The multi-chamber bong, also known as the recycler bong, is a new twist on the old.

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Mini (Pink) $ 39.99. Categories: All, Beaker Bongs, Bongs, Colors, Pink Tags: Beaker Bong, Mini, Mini Bong, Pink. Our Mini Bong is one of our best sellers. This mini bong is small, discreet, easy to use, and made from the highest quality glass on the market. You will never have to worry about storing this little bong because you can put it just. RooR Tech - Pink Fixed Barrel Straight RooR Glass $440.00 RooR Tech - Colored Beaker Bongs RooR Glass from $425.00 RooR Glass - 50 x 7mm Green Bongs RooR Glass from $366.00 RooR - 9mm Too Blue Beaker RooR Glass $515.00 ALT x Leisure - Mini Shredder Beaker Leisure Glass $119.9 Blaze Glass - Percolator Ice Bong - Pink: $244.4 'Blaze Glass' Percolator Bong Mushroom: $216.48: Blaze Glass - Mix and Match Percolator Ice Bong Kit - 12-arm Perc: 'Blaze Glass' Clear Glass Bong - Beaker Base - 9mm: $174.65: Blaze Glass - Premium Percolator Ice Bong blue: $158.15: Blaze Glass - Premium Percolator Ice Bong Yellow - Straight. 10.5 inch glass water bongs pink Beaker Bong recycler hookah water pipes with 14mm quartz banger nail and glass oil burner pipe wholesale US $23.46 - 25.59 / Piece Material: Glas The beaker bong is like straight tube bongs but feature a large water chamber. They get their name from the beakers that scientists use all around the world. This design allows for improved water filtration. Because the beaker bong has a rounded bottom, it has a lower center of gravity, making it more difficult for it to fall over and break

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15 x 5mm beaker bong pink and blue cotton candy. 15 x 5mm beaker bong pink and blue cotton candy. Regular price $195.00 Sale price $195.00 Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. CBD. CBD What is CBD Buy CBD Vaporizers CBD Capsules CBD Gummies BONGS. Bongs. 5. Simply Big Guy Thick Glass Beaker Bong. Bigger is better, yes. Thicker is better, too. You get both of these pleasures with the Simply Big Guy Thick Glass Beaker Bong. While big in name, this is actually one of the smallest tall bongs on this list. This bong is ergonomically designed for comfort and filtration Minifigure Glass Beaker Bong UV PINK (2 pcs) Highlights. Handmade. Materials: COE 33 Borosilicate Glass, Love. Read the full description. Description. *NOT FOR HUMAN USE, MADE FOR MINI FIGURINES, NOT A FUNCTIONING BONG*. Handmade Lego compatible glass Bongs for all you AFOLS! 2 pieces included with each order

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Zob - 18 Inline Beaker Bong Zob Glass $220.00. Diamond - 9mm Beaker Bongs Diamond Glass $99.99. Antidote - Black Eye Bongs Antidote Glass $70.00. Antidote - Red Eye Bongs Antidote Glass $65.00. ZOB - 50 Mil UFO Beaker Bong Zob Glass $220.00. ZOB - UFO Perc Beaker Bongs Zob Glass $210.00. Zob Glass - 18 OG Beaker Bongs Zob Glass $130.00 Sep 15, 2019 - Pretty in pink, this large bong sports a subtle rose hue and a rounded, feminine shape. It's almost a foot and a half tall, and made of 5mm thick borosilicate glass for extra durability. The slitted downstem starts filtering your smoke right away, catching most impurities for a smooth, easy hit Eyce Silicone 10 Inch Pink Beaker Bong $ 55.00. Eyce products have always been known for their built in material storage, but nothing compares to the type of storage and convenience that comes with a dugout. Meet the Eyce Solo - a dugout crafted with the classic Eyce spins. The Solo features ample material storage, a borosilicate glass taster. About the MAV Pink Cherry Blossom B18 2 Tone Beaker Bong. Manufactured by MAV Glass, the Pink Cherry Blossom B18 2 Tone Beaker Bong is a great water pipe to start any glass collection. Located in LA, Maverick Glass (MAV for short) has been creating high quality, handcrafted, and durable scientific glass for almost two decades

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  1. GEAR Premium 12 Tall Freaker Beaker Bong. SUPER close to their more spaced out beaker tube family members, these 12 tall tubes from GEAR Premium still feature the martian-y rings - just a little scaled back! Also, these pups default back to the classic ice pinch design for catching your smoke-chilling ice
  2. Minifigure Glass Beaker Bong UV PINK (2 pcs) PyrexKim 4.5 out of 5 stars (122) $ 8.50. Add to Favorites Wine Glass Beaker with Glass Topper, Lab Beaker, Funneled Beaker EthelsClosetStore 5 out of 5 stars (2) $ 30.00. Add to Favorites Minifigure Glass Beaker Bong UV (2 pcs).
  3. Bongs. It is recorded that bongs were used as far back as 2400 years ago. The traditional water pipe, airtight, collects heavier particles and water-soluble molecules, preventing them from entering the smoker's airways and creates a smoother smoke.These pipes are typically used to smoke dry materials

Condition is New.A simple, beaker base bong made with scientific glass. This basic water pipe from features a beaker base and simple, clear design. Condition is New. Beaker Base. • Light tobacco as you take a hit out of the bong The 30 Beaker Bong by TAG is another example of simple elegance. The beaker design is one of the most popular styles of bong. The beaker design is one of the most popular styles of bong. This nearly three foot monster of a beaker is made with 9mm thick glass, meaning it can take an accident or two Colored glass bong 16Inches hookah tall heady thick water pipe inline perc dab oil rig bongs heavy big wax pink beaker pipes . CAD $75.51 - 92.39 / Piece Purple Bongs Thick Glass Beaker Bong Smoking Glass Pipes 11.3 Inchs Tall Recycler Dab Rigs Water Bongs With 14mm Bowl . CAD $27.14 - 56.50 / Piece.

This 15 tall x 5mm thick beaker bong featuresu00a0an ice pinch for extra cooling, an 18mm to 14mm removable diffused downstem and a 14mm male bowl.u00a0u00a0 15 tall 50mm diameter by 5mm thickness new color combou00a0 19mm joint 5 downstem (19mm to 14mm) 14mm bowl includedu00a0 ice pinch born in Californiau00a0 u00 This bong comes with 12 months Free Bong Insurance. If you break your bong within 12 months of purchase, we'll give you a 50% discount on a replacement bong. The Pink Panther glass bong is as elusive and desirable as the famous diamond in the Blake Edwards movies. Not now Cato, I'm busy From tall and twisted pink honeycomb bongs to the most pretty bongs you've ever seen, you're sure to find the perfect girly bong for your style. If pink bongs or pink pipes are more your styles, Cannsy has the best selection of cute bongs online! For more information, feel free to sit back at home and check out the reviews listed on the product. Bong glass 17 massive beaker base - pink. Mav Glass. $ 256.99 Quick view. Bong glass 17 massive beaker base - sea foam. Bong Glass. $ 256.99 Quick view. Bong-aid cleaner 16oz bottle case (20ct) - ($10. Mav Glass. $ 268.99 Pyrex Glass Bongs and Soft Glass Bong Available From Mile High Glass Pipes Online Smoke Shop Pink StayLit Crystal 10in Beaker Glass Water Pipe/Bong Regular price $124.99 Sale price $99.99 FEATURES

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Weight:570g We have 6 colors: purple,pink,black,jade,blue,teal. Details. Gili-015, 11 inches Awesome Recycler glass Bong. This is an Awesome Recycler glass Bong. It works perfecty. We sell this model since 2016, zero complaint,. GW-442 is without logo, Gili-015 is with logo, they are the same things, all the funtions are the same ,with logo. Awesome functioning and beautiful looking great quality beaker set by well known Preemo Glass. It is about 17 inch tall, 7mm thick, pink and clear glass combination, 14mm ultra thick herb bowl and awesome matching inline percolator ash catcher. T.. Bongs available for sale at The Bong Shop. Cheech Glass Beaker Base The Cheech Glass 16 Beaker is a Show Stopper. This 14 Bong is Made of the Highest Quality Boro Silica Glass

Beautiful Thick Pink & Light Blue Glass 10 Bong 14mm Thick Pink Diamond Bowl - Magenta Silver Regular price $68.99 15.5 Shimmering & Sleek Thick Glass Beaker Bong w/14mm Clear Diamond Shaped Bowl - Chill Facto Hello Kitty Pink Beaker Bong | 10 Glass Water pipe with ice pinch | Small & Hand-Held | Dry Herb, Extracts, Wax & Concentrates| Girly pink bong | bongs for girls 18 x 9mm Thick Beaker Bong. Handcrafted from extra durable 9mm borosilicate glass, our 18 Thick Beaker is a modern take on traditional bongs. The tall base provides a roomy chamber for thick clouds, filtered and diffused through our included removable downstem. The three-pronged pinch above the base provides a catch for ice, adding a cooling. 9 Pink Beaker Bong. Quick view. 11.5 Ric&Moty Clear Beaker Bong. Quick view. 12 Infyniti Gravity Glass Water Pipe. Quick view. 12 Clear Straight Shooter. Quick view. 14 Clear Straight Shooter. Quick view. 10 Gourd Bong. Quick view. 12 Sandblasted Beaker with Flower Print +4 +3 +2 +1

Eyce Silicone 10 Inch Pink Beaker Bong $ 55.00. Eyce products have always been known for their built in material storage, but nothing compares to the type of storage and convenience that comes with a dugout. Meet the Eyce Solo - a dugout crafted with the classic Eyce spins. The Solo features ample material storage, a borosilicate glass taster. With features like a large hidden jar, rolling tray, magnetic ring lighter holder, stainless steel poker, ice catch, and a 14mm glass on glass slide and down stem, we truly believe we hit the mark. There is no other silicone water pipe on the market with this many features and this level of futuristic function than the Eyce Silicone Beaker

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Joint Size: 14mm. Joint Type: Female. The Diamond Glass 8-Inch Beaker Bong offers enthusiasts such as yourself a simple design which doesn't sacrifice performance. This water pipe is packed with many cool features including ice notches and even a diffused downstem. Being a product from Diamond Glass you can rest assured knowing the quality. Pink Twist Bong 7 $70.00. Compare. Quick Shop Teal Frosted Cracked Beaker 12 $65.00. Compare. Quick Shop White and Green Weed Guy Beaker Bong 10 $65.00. Compare. Quick Shop Silicone Beaker Bong 12 From $45.00. Compare. Quick Shop 6 Color Changing Flat Top Water Bong $35.00. Compare. Quick Shop Silicone Waterpipe - 13 /14mm F. In a beaker bong, the joint fits the removable downstem. Downstem: The classic bong design includes a downstem. This tube of glass often contains diffusion slits as a form of percolator. A bong's downstem fits into the 18mm joint, and the top opening narrows to 14mm for the bowl piece to fit in. Downstems are removable to make cleaning easy Glass Water Bong Smoking Pipes are perfect for group smoking. Large bowls and super thick glass makes a Glass Bong Water Pipe a perfect gift for any smoker. We ship in 2 - 5 Days We have secure servers and exchange zero customer information. *Most glass items are hand blown, and dimensions may vary slightly

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Dopezilla 7 Lil Lizard Beaker Bong, Pink. Description. Thick Borosilicate Glass. No Percs or Ice Pinch- just a Downstem. Gently Colored Accents. Includes 3.5 Downstem & 14mm Bowl. When you need a water pipe with no frills and all thrills, reach for the Dopezilla Lil Lizard Beaker Bong. This beaker-style bong has nothing between you and your. Pink Edge Heavy Glass Bong 10 Beaker Hookah Water Smoking Pipe W/ ICE Catcher. $26.99. Free shipping. 3 Octopus Slide Bowl 14mm Water Pipe Hookah Head Piece Thick Glass Bowl BL. $13.99. Free shipping. 14mm male joint *ICE CUBE* Glass Hookah bong Bowl Piece 1pcs. $12.99. Free shipping. 118 watching Bongs and glass water pipes are the most popular way to smoke today, and for good reason. Glass bongs have a water filtration system that cools down and filters the smoke so it is easier on your lungs. Shop a wide selection of bongs online Unlike dry pipes, bongs use water to add a level of filtration that enhances the smoking experience. The water acts as a filter to clean out impurities and allows the smoker to take deeper, larger hits than with a hand pipe. Some bongs have the ability to cool the smoke through additional percolators and chambers

All silicone pipes for sale on SMOKEA® are food-grade silicone so you can rest assured your pipe is made with the highest standards - beware of fake knockoffs that may include non-food-grade materials and may be unhealthy to use. All of these benefits make silicone last much longer than any other type of bong or pipe Daily High Club Bongs, it's easy to make a fashion statement and own a luxury piece of smoking equipment at the same time. With our one-of-a-kind celebrity collaboration water pipes, we bring class to glass and a culture to smoking and meld the two together without missing a beat 10 Beaker Simple Glass Bong with Striaght Neck 10 Beaker Simple Glass Bong with Striaght Neck. $32.95. Add to wishlist. Add to Cart. Quick View. SmokingCats - Discreet Ship from Texas ! 12 Glass Water Bong pipe with ice pinch and percs 12 Glass Water Bong pipe with ice pinch and percs. $45.99. Add to wishlist LMAO. LMAO 90 Degree Quatz Banger Set Male 14mm. MSRP: Now: $29.95. Add to Cart. Quick view. LMAO. LMAO Wavy Beaker Bong 7mm Pink. MSRP Biohazard Inc is the one-stop shop for all your Wholesale Smoke Shop, Wholesale Dispensary Supplies and Cannabis packaging needs. Whether you need premium Glass Pipes, Mylar Bags, or Cannabis lab Supplies.Our Bulk Packs were created to increase your margins and save you time on getting the most popular items to your customers. We offer price matching, live support, and the largest selection of.

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8 Blueberry glass beaker water bongs. 6 Reviews. | 1 answered question. Save $-26.00. $26.00. SKU 4722. Good design is hard to define. However, you can always recognize it when you see it, and that is just what we see in this bong. We love how tasteful it is .There are no dragons, no bright colors, not even a lot of color Dec 31, 2019 - This pink hello kitty beaker bong is made from pink glass. She stands approximately 10 inches high. She's adorned with a pretty pink base, pink downstem, pink glass bowl, and a Hello Kitty logo. Get Bitcoin to buy it 3535 Kingsway Vancouver, BC V5R 5L9- 604-558-2664 - 10am to 10pm 778-379-266 Cheech Glass's Coil Chiller Beaker Bong steps it up a notch by offering a clever way to cool your hits. After removing the downstem and bowl piece, stick the bong in the fridge or freezer. The glycerin in the neck will get super cold, so when smoke passes through the coiled tube, coupled with filtration from the downstem, the cold smoothness of.

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  1. Cannabis consumers flock to the elegant and simple look of the beaker bong. Shop wholesale beaker bongs for your online head shop right here
  2. BongsBongs, also known as water pipes, are considered a refined method of smoking cannabis flower. In simple terms, a bong allows cannabis smoke to be inhaled through a chamber filled with water. The smoke percolates and cools, resulting in a smo..
  3. Another stunning yet affordable beaker bong by Legendary Glass. It is about 16 inch tall, 7mm glass thickness, beautiful colour combination, ice pinch, 3 slits down stem and matching 14mm easy cleaning cone bowl
  4. H509 - Hourglass Marble Rig. from $144.90. Height: 10.5 Inches / 265mm Joint Size: 14mm Bowl This Hoss Glass Hourglass Marble Rig is the perfect compact stemless rig for dabbing or smoking herb. The unique hourglass shape makes it comfortable to grasp while the marble percolator dispurses the bubbles allowing for a super smooth experience
  5. Dopezilla 7 Lil Zilla Beaker Bong, Milky Pink is a clean, simple, compact glass bong that gives strong, pure hits. Minimal diffusion preserves perfect flavor

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pink darkweb series spider glass beaker bong 12 inches. New SKU: SGR-12BPIN. Login to see price. 64 Spider Glass ® white darkweb series spider glass beaker bong 12 inches. Black Leaf - Beaker Base 8-arm Tree Perc Ice Bong - Blue. $140. Black Leaf - Worked Dome Percolator Ice Bong - Yellow and Blue. $138.97. Flaming Skull - Beaker Base 10-arm Tree Percolator Ice Bong - Blue Glass water pipes (Bongs) have been a popular choice among smokers and tokers for more than 2400 years! Unlike traditional hand pipes, bongs use water to filter out ash and particles from smoke, while also cooling the hot smoke to a more comfortable temperature that's easier on the throat

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11'' Hookah Glass Water Pipe Bong Thick Bubbler W Percolator Beaker. $38.00. Free shipping. 56 sold. Collectible Zong Tobacco Glass Hand Smoking Water Pipe Bong Bubbler Hookah. $29.99. FAST 'N FREE Beaker bong. Beaker bongs are similar to tube bongs in the sense that they also have a long neck. However, at the bottom of the neck, the bong doesn't end, as it would with tube bongs. At the end of the neck in beaker bongs, you'll find a chamber that is added for extra smoke. This gives beaker bongs a bigger volume and bigger hit potential

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Pink & Blue Worked Beaker. MORE INFO Pandadelph Worked Killadelph Beaker. MORE INFO Gray & Blue Worked Beaker. MORE INFO Clear Worked Beaker 1 of 2. MORE INFO Ganja Butter Worked Beaker 1 of 4. MORE INFO. Huge selection of Glass Bongs and Waterpipes. Every Smoke Shop has a Glass Section our Glass bongs and Pipes will help you add some of the latest Bongs & Waterpipes to that collection. We carry a variety of Bongs and Waterpipes to suit everybody's needs. Wholesale pricing on all Glass Bongs & Waterpipes Sale Sold out. Quick View. Stone Age Green Leaf Beaker Glass Bong 34cm. Stone Age Green Leaf Beaker Glass Bong 34cm. Regular price. $59.99 AUD. Sale price. $59.99 AUD. Regular price

AMG - 18'' LV Themed Beaker Bong | KING's Pipe ($20 off w