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alternatives to bitpim HowardForums is a discussion board dedicated to mobile phones with over 1,000,000 members and growing! For your convenience HowardForums is divided into 7 main sections; marketplace, phone manufacturers, carriers, smartphones/PDAs, general phone discussion, buy sell trade and general discussions BitPim. BitPim is a program that allows you to view and manipulate data on many CDMA phones from LG, Samsung, Sanyo and other manufacturers. This includes the PhoneBook, Calendar, WallPapers, RingTones (functionality varies by phone) and the Filesystem for most Qualcomm CDMA chipset based phones. To see when phones will be supported, which ones. BitPim is available for PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems, however, it only works with CDMA phones. In the US, Verizon and Sprint are the largest CDMA carriers (AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM networks) The following table lists which features of the various phone models are supported by BitPim. You can also read about which features will be supported and when they will be supported. PHONEBOOK CALENDAR RINGTONE WALLPAPER MEMO TODO SMS CALL HISTORY PLAYLIST T9 UDB PHONE INFO AUTO DETECT LG-AX8600: R W R W R W R W R W R.

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  2. Using BitPim, look for model numbers on either side of your VN250 - like 240 or 260 - if you are simply trying to LOOK at the contents of the phone, using an alternate model number is not going to harm anything. Choose an alternate, see if BitPim is able to view the phone contents, and if not, try another
  3. In alternative (or addition) to bitpim, I also recommend P2K Commander. If it's a verizon phone they will have disabled file transfer over bluetooth, so be careful. Chuckaluphagus
  4. See bitpim.org alternatives Welcome to BitPim BitPim. Official Versions. Download. Mac Support Update. Screenshots. Frequent Questions and Problems. Help, Support, Contacts and Mailing Lists. Other phones. Status. BitPim 1.0.7 (24 Jan 2010). Manage data on CDMA phones from LG, Samsung, Sanyo and others. BitPim is a program that allows you to..

malachid69 asks: Is there anyway for us, as open-source developers, to provide a free alternative to the Verizon GetItNow network, some way in which we can share and co-develop software for our phones, and provide a way for them to be emailed/SMSd onto the phones? Basically, is there any way for u.. That link worked a week or so ago, but Verizon revamped their MyVerizon site a few days ago and now apparently the link is no longer active. I don't use PIX Place for our basic phones; I transfer the photos to my computer that's an option for any photos on your phone, but, of course, it won't help if you've downloaded photos to PIX Place and deleted them off your phone WAP is a free internet alternative to paying verizon $4.99/mo. To set it up on your VX7000, do the following: ALTERNATIVE TO USING BITPIM. Download it from the FAQ/Tutorials section. its 7.19 MB. To put files on and off including ANIMATED GIFS on your VX7000, here are the instructions BitPim can autodetect this phone if it is connected to the PC via a straight USB cable. We have successfully connected to this phone using the Verizon Music Essentials Kit sold for the VX8500 and VX8600 phones. The cable that comes with this kit has a brick in the middle. BitPim can autodetect this phone using this cable Connect the phone by USB and run BitPim. 2. Have it detect the phone. 3. Go to Edit -> Settings and change the phone to a LG-VX10000 (Voyager). 4. Upload your ringtones by right clicking the right pane and choose New File. 5. Close BitPim, disconnect USB and reboot the phone

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Thumbs up Re: Razr V3M P2kCommander/BitPim --US Cellular. I have successfully used BitPim with a Us Cellular V3m Razr phone. Initially when I plugged the phone into the computer using the USB cable, it was recognized as a Motorola USB Modem or something similar to that. Windows XP installed the drivers and said everything was ready to use Unfortunately, the Droid doesn't have access to Backup Assistant; there's no app for it (even via Verizon). When I got my Droid at BB last November, they said the transfer software wasn't ready yet (the next day probably). I went to a Verizon store the next day and they transferred mine from my Voyager See wirefly.com alternatives. Wirefly is the #1 site for cell phones and wireless phone plans. We offer free cell phones, cheap cell phones and discount prepaid cell phones from Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, Nextel, Cingular, AT&T, Alltel and more. Free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee You can get the cable as part of the Music Essentials pack from a Verizon store, or find them at Radio Shack, on the Internet, or in a friend's desk drawer. (Just kidding about that last one.) Software: For many of the instructions below, I use BitPim. Price: Freeware, open source. An alternate to BitPim is QPST

Verizon's history of blocking mobile phone features is nothing new. From their first branded phones, to their latest Get the Hottest Gadget on the Market offering, Verizon locks-down their own mobile device operating systems. Would you like to both utilize and customize your Verizon phone the way Motorola originally designed the Change the Wallpaper on a Motorola RAZR Phone See letstalk.com alternatives Cell Phones for free with Cell Phone Plans from Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, and more Save $100 s over buying in stores or direct from carriers. Same cell phones, same service plans, much lower prices. Full carrier store support after purchase. Free shipping and free returns I have a SCH-U540 Samsung phone and getting photos or adding music is frustrating. Even though the Version booth at my mall said I could only buy there Music Essentials Kit to manage their music from a windows computer I was able to use an alternative software to get my photos with the cord that came with the kit. It's called Bitpim BitPim will automatically place it in the proper file. I suggest however you get a 2 Gig media card if you want to add your own ringtones. I used wav files that were ripped from CD's I bought (they are huge files) then ripped to my PC then synced with the u740 using BitPim

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I have a verizon Razzle and I wanted to try and use some songs as ringtones. If anyone has any ways to go into this phone, I would really appreciate it. I tried Bitpim and tired to use it but I get the exception and I have no clue what to do. I searched around and no seems to have the same issue. The exception is: Frame run in gui.pyo at line 27 Here's a simple alternative to transfer files from the LG VX5500 to the computer: 1. Download BitPim here and install on your computer. 2. Start BitPim 3. Tether the phone to your PC with a standard micro USB cable. BitPim will autodetect the VX5500. 4. Go to the View menu and select View File System. 5 Last week Verizon wireless unveiled a little more detail about their LTE plans, telling investors and analysts on a conference call that Verizon Wireless LTE devices will have swappable SIM cards.

I used Bitpim test version 1.0.7. Steps: Download and install Bitpim (Google will take you there) Export all Address Book entries (contacts) from my Mac in VCard format (should work for Outlook as well) Import all the VCards into Bitpim Attach Voyager to Mac using USB cable Send Bitpim data to phone It's very easy, and I highly recommend it I just picked up a Samsung Intensity 2 and I am wondering if anyone has gotten Bitpim to work on it or any other solution to sync contacts. A lot of people on here have said they got the Intensity to work with Bitpim even though it is not a compatible phone, but no one posted the settings they used so I have no idea what alternate phone is. Using the AutoDetect Features: If you are using USB cable and using the BitPim 1.0.3 (10 Dec 2007) or newer version, once its installed, lauch BitPim using the Start menu icon for it. Since these version DO have native support for the Voyager and Venus, the phone Autodetect feature will work to find and properly setup the phone Verizon Clients Now email your ringtone to your phone using Verizon's PixPlace service: Alternately, a program called Bitpim may come in very handy to transfer the ringtone to your phone. BitPim allows you to view and manipulate ringtone files on many CDMA phones from LG, Samsung, Sanyo and other manufacturers.. (change the Verizon wireless in the ERI banner) Using BitPim for Pictures and RingTones (per humpa and me) Latest verison of bitpim now includes proper Voyager/Venus support...You'll need BitPim 1.0.3 (10 Dec 2007) Or NEWER. If you want to use the GUI part of BitPim, then use the write up from [TheBORG] lower on this page...

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I don't want Verizon to transfer anything for me. I already went to Google Contacts and added everyone's phone number, email address, and physical address so I can be ready to call, text, email , or navigate to anyone as soon as I log into my google account on the Droid. I transfered all my contacts over this passed weekend also used Bitpim. BitPim is not working in its full potential for me. I've installed the correct drivers, but not done any seem edits yet. It recognizes the phone and sees its file system, but can't copy the data to my computer. Trying that produces an exception. I'm confused. You said above BitPim would work on my Verizon v3m w/o seem edits BitPIM is a free utility for working with older CDMA cell phones from a variety of producers such as Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and others. Verizon Wireless Software Upgrade Assistant 4.21.205 and software upgrade wizard for owners of Verizon Samsung cell phones as an alternative to OTA updates. For owners of Samsung phones on a. Ok, give bitpim a shot. As a last alternative (since Win7 is largely unsupported for that older model phone), is to simply send yourself the images via email. Simply compose a picture message, and then put your email address in the TO: area and send it to your email--sure you can only do it one at a time, but it beats having no pictures.

For Americas Choice calling plans, Verizon wireless charges $5 per month to use their Mobile Web (WAP) service, which makes use of their proxy server, but still charges airtime minutes of use. The below write up follows what we've used to allow you to use your own proxy server, or other proxy server, and not pay Verizon's $5 per month charges Go download bitpim (google it) Plug your old phone into your computer via USB Open bitpim, hope it detects your phone. Assuming it does, click get phone data to get all contacts from the phone to your computer. Next, file, export, csv contacts. Choose all contacts. Then go into gmail contacts and go to import contacts, browse to csv, upload and. I tried to download an mp3 ringotne using bitpim and it failed because the name was to long. Now the title shows up in the list of sounds, doesnt work, and will not allow me to delete it

View Full Version : LG enV Pages : 1 2 [3] 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Need help with bluetooth disconnecting at will. Alternative to BitPim Hey Guys, I got the Calendar feature to work on my Verizon LG VX-8700 using BitPim version I don't know if it was the new software version that did it this time, I manually configured and verified the sync settings Hello all, I have searched but could not find any information for the Samsung Restore M570 and BitPim 1.0.7. I remember back when I had a few LG 8xxx phones from Verizon that before there was support for a particular phone that you could select something close and still transfer phonebook information I'm not having any trouble at all moving PhoneBook data (about 20 entries) to and from my VX6100 with BitPim 0.7.29. Just this week Verizon upgraded me to ver 2, and I've programmed and updated it with options 1 & 2 at *228. Actually I can move data from my phone into BitPim and then out to my wife's identical phone

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Back Up and Sync Your Cell Phone with BitPim(Aug 19, 2008) Verizon, Seven Others Join Linux Phone Org(May 14, 2008) Syncing Your BlackBerry on Linux(Jan 02, 2008) MS Exchange Alternative: Moving At the Speed of Stupidity?(May 17, 2007) Techworld: Open Source Lemonade to Beat Blackberry?(May 11, 2006 I will be recieving this phone in the mail on tuesday and I was just wondering if this phone works with BitPim for putting ringtones on the phone, like you can with the LG 8300. and Verizon.

Ladies, (Verizon & LG Media Contacts) The purpose of this e-mail is to find out if you are aware of the 4500's extremely poor display and if there is a fix and more importantly find out how this. The BitPim Help files led me to the SourceForge forums where people made the suggestion to Shift + Add -- more precisely, choose ringers on the left panel, hold Shift and press the Add Ringer button on the BitPim menu, then locate the MP3 and either double-click or press Open

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for USB Data Cable and Driver CD for LG VX8700 VX9400 VX8500 Chocolate VX8600 enV VX9900 at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users Manufacturer's Limited Warranty Summary. Period of Coverage. Labor : 1 Year. Parts : 1 Year. Refer to the detailed Warranty information delivered in your product packaging. If you need Repair Service, submit an online Request a Repair or Contact Us. Please have the Serial number of your product and proof of purchase ready

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Details: Dec 27, 2005 · Free Mobile Web Hack on Verizon Wireless Check it out, you can now use Mobile Web on your Verizon Wireless phone, and not pay the $4.99 per month charge to Verizon to do so. In fact, this is a perfectly legal alternative, beca us e you are simply us ing a different server than the one Verizon Wireless provides It seems that Verizon became aware of BitPIM's abilities and blocked access to many phone features on the phone itself. So now Verizon is trying to force me to pay $2 to buy a ringtone for a song. BitPim via USB Cable for pictures, ring tones, phone book, etc. 3. BitPim via Bluetooth for pictures, ring tones, phone book, etc. 4. DUN hack. For a Dial up Networking connection to Verizon's 1xRTT or BroadBand Access network, without subscribing to their BBA package. 5. Free WAP..

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I was assuming I could extract the data via USB with my droid incredible and place them on the LG via bluetooth and BitPim. I can't seem to find anything online about this- Nov 21, 2010 #2 Martin030908 Super Moderator. Joined Nov 1, 2009 Messages I went to the Verizon store. Not only did they tell me that they now charged $20 to get data. Steps 1 Download the drivers. Motorola's v3m drivers for Microsoft Windows are required to connect your RAZR to a PC via a mini-USB cable. One approac Stress-Testing the Verizon G'zOne Cellphone 112. abkaiser writes You can dunk it under water. Put it in the oven and crank up the heat. Drop it, smack it, treat it like the hunk of plastic that it is. And yet this is a cellphone. I got my hands on the Verizon G'zOne (pronounced 'G-Z-One'), a phone designed for high-abuse environments I would have used Backup Assistant if I was on Verizon but I'm not anymore. I used a program called BitPim with my VX8300 to get pictures off but I don't know if you can use BitPim with a Droid 2 phone or not. Jan 25, 2012 #2 R. rmolinger New Member. Joined Jul 27, 2011 Messages 1 Reaction score 0 Verizon sucks. The only reason I have a Verizon phone is because work pays for it. I have a Razr v3c. I can sync my address book with bluetooth but cannot get pictures off the phone via bluetooth. The Razr does take microSD cards. I got a 1 gig card for $30. Verizon changes the UI to their own horrid interface

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The Verizon defaults are gw.vzwwap.com and gw1.vzwwap.com. I believe they use port 8080 for each. good instructions for BitPim on a Mac using OS X: but I've finally decided to disable comment posting now that I've created a better alternative Microsoft Windows 8.1 review: The Good Windows 8.1 adds many useful tweaks and fixes, including a new version of the missing Start button, better searching, the ability to boot directly to the.

first you need to pair your phone with you mac. then open bitpim and under settings select your phone. then you should be able to browse and connect to your phone. it should be under something like BTDIAG-1. try connecting to that port. it may not say its connected at the bottom of the screen when it really is, so just try send a picture or. The Motorola V3C can support OBEX (the Bluetooth profile that allows phone-to-computer object sharing) just fine; that's clear from the fact that I can take my phone and flash it with an alternative firmware (like the Verizon GATW_X_01.0F.02P firmware, or the Alltel firmware) and then be able to use OBEX without limit The alternative is to let the phone be recognized as a USB Modem and use Bitpim. But to do that, you have to manually change the phone type in Bitpim to the LG Dare, then find the right folders.

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After you install bitpim, plug in your phone. Install drivers for download driver for verizon wireless in seoul. Lg pc suite brings all your lg devices phones and tablets together. Lg oem original micro usb home charger travel ac / wall power , oem lg ac wall adapter home travel charger micro usb for verizon lg env3 vx kindle lg env3 9200 usb Go to a verizon store, ask them nicely to use their celebrite to get the pictures off. Might be possible, it varies by model. Dec 25, 2010. #3

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Env2 verizon driver download posted on may 9, 2020 by admin packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. Env2 verizon, and correct lg vx9100 device without having to XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality Current Phones: Sam SCH-u740 (black), LG VX10000,RIM BB-8130, Sam SCH-u900 (black), Palm Treo 700

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Save the file and go back to Bitpim. Right click on paramtable1.fil again, and this time click Replace, and choose your new, edited paramtable1.fil. Close Bitpim, because this part is done. Reset your phone, and try entering ##program9100. If everything went well, things should be editable now! 2 A newer Verizon version of the phone has been upgraded and features limitless video seize, simpler laid out menu system and the flexibility to customise the exterior screen. The cellphone remains to be unable to sync to a computer by way of USB cable for anything other than charging, except software similar to Bitpim is used to access files Re: Motorola RAZR ( CDMA versions v3c v3m ) post your questions here Got this info from another board. Software: WinAmp Note: Sounds and Graphics stored on the Transflash card cannot be used as a Ring Tone or Picture ID. Pictures/Sounds to be used as Ringer/Caller/Picture ID's must reside in the phone's internal memory

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies LG VX is a series of Verizon CDMA mobile phones comprising almost 30 models. These phones are reputed for excellence of reception with loud and clear call quality. Particularly of note is their exceptional battery life unmatched by any other brand. LG VX phones have a generously sized keyboard but the phone is still small enough to be. Digital archivist. I'm trying to grab SMS messages off a Verizon Alcatel Go Flip V - that's a modernish flip phone. Clearly bitpim isn't working; wammu doesn't officially support the phone and having trouble mapping virtual ports anyway The USB cable works very well transfering pics from the VX 8300 to your PC using BitPim. Follow the instructions posted here on how to set up BitPim. After you have clicked the Get Phone Data icon and retreived the data from your phone, select Media, then Images and your pic files will show up in the right pane Download Bitpim lg vn 150 revere manual: Read Online Bitpim lg vn 150 revere manual: lg vn150 transfer contacts how to use bitpim lg vn150 bitpim bitpim for windows 10 is bitpim safe lg vn150 transfer pictures bitpim lg revere 3 bitpim alternative I had a music file (Sample Rate: 16 KHz, Sample Size: 16 bit mono) which played fine on my PC but. Model Samsung SCH-R355C. Samsung SCH-R355C NTSAR355CP-N3 $89.99. Samsung SCH r355C - black - CDMA - cellular phone rs548net10samsungr355cdmablack. Samsung SCH r355C - CDMA - cellular phone ntsar355cp