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Login Home Page. Enter the following information. Create Username . Your unique username which is used for Login purposes. Create Password . 8 characters minimum, and should include 1 Upper Case, 1 Lower Case, 1 digit and 1 special charcter !@#$%^& iSportsman, LLC is not responsible for the content on this website

Welcome to iSportsman. This site is the gateway for iSportsman users (and soon clients) to access information and helpful links to get the most from their iSportsman experience. Users can find a place to hunt, fish or enjoy other outdoor recreational opportunities from a list of locations that use iSportsman to manage their outdoor recreational. Send this in an email with the persons isportsman USERNAME in the title to usarmy.knox.imcom-atlantic.mbx.dpw-hunt-control@mail.mil. 2. Scan Weapon Permit and email to the above email address and include the persons iSportsman USERNAME in the title. DO NOT SEND THE PERSONAL INFORMATION SECTION. FOLD IT OVER OR COVER IT UP welcome to the fort mccoy isportsman system. this site is now the official source to obtain all recreational permits on fort mccoy. all individuals participating in recreational activities on fort mccoy must have a fort mccoy isportsman account using this web site. see permit info tab in main menu for further details and permit requirements Permit holders may sign into or out of areas and ponds by using this website, or by dialing 866 377-1011. Fort Stewart Fish and Wildlife Branch. 1177 Veterans Parkway, Bldg 1145. Fort Stewart, Georgia 31314. Phones. 912-767-9040 OR 912-767-2584. Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm When checking in with iSportsman, please remember that you must have a valid RAP. You cannot check-in to areas that are closed for training. There is no checkout system. Automated Phone Check-in: 877-250-9781. Technical issues - leave a message: 907-361-9684. Report violations / wounded wildlife: 907-353-7535

Be sure to enter your Range Safety Card # and former Post Permit when you register. Come to building 1458 to verify eligibility and get your Fort Sill Account validated. AFTER validation in building 1458 you can purchase your permit (s) online. OPEN Tuesday-Friday 0900-1500; Desk closed during Thursday Safety class. Phone Number: 580.442.3553 For iSportsman account support, contact: 623-856-7216 for the East/Air Force areas; 928-269-3115 for the West/Marine Corps areas. For general rules and other contact information, download the rules and maps for the area (s) you plan to visit from the Visitor Access Rules and Maps tab above

Reminder: The iSportsman company does not handle issues with accounts or charge cards.Refunds for online sales go through pay.gov. Call our customer service desk to start the refund process. Reminder: The iSportsman system does not allow you to purchase a permit for someone else using your account. All permits will bear the name of the account holder The installation is split into two regions: Cantonment which lies south of Blue Mountain and the Corridor which lies north of it. Cantonment holds over 4,000 acres for outdoor recreation. It consists of all of the alpha areas and training area Charlie 1. Cantonment is also the Deer Management Assistance Program area 643 ALL INDIVIDUALS SEEKING A PERMIT MUST HAVE AN iSPORTSMAN ACCOUNT. For More information contact: MWR Outdoor Recreation (706) 545-7978 or Natural Resources (706) 544-7079/7080. CHECKIN INSTRUCTIONS STARTING 15 JUNE 2017 . ONLINE: SIMPLY LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND SELECT THE CHECKIN/CHECK-OUT BUTTON (RECOMMENDED) DIAL IN PHONE: DIAL 866-401-1448

Reminder: Fort Gordon iSportsman users, please check your account and your ability to check in prior to arriving on Fort Gordon to recreate. If there is an issue with your account, NRB staff will not be available to help unless it is during our business hours of 0800-1600 Mon-Thurs and 0800-1500 Fri. Our office is closed on Saturday, Sunday. 1. New Fort Bragg Permittee: a. If you do not have an iSportsman account, create an account. Click Register in the blue bar above to create your account. b. If you have an existing iSportsman account from another installation (s), click My Account in the blue bar above, and log in to enter the Fort Bragg portal. 2 iSportsman Hunt & Fish Portal. Here is where you buy permits, check area availability, check-in/-out of areas, report game harvested or fish caught, and more. All hunters and anglers are required to go through this portal to access the privilege of hunting and fishing at FHL When Checking-in at the Kiosk: If kiosk does not print your downrange pass, you need to check-in on iSportsman and then write your pass information on paper. For your convenience, paper is provided at the kiosk to write your information on and put on the dash of your vehicle. FC 200-6 Regulation 3-8, e. & f. states: e Together West Point iSportsman lets its users: (1) Purchase a permit - to purchase a permit, users must have an account. Under Account above, new users can create an account using New User Registration (directed t/ a New Users page users should read) while return users can sign in via Account Login

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Welcome to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. The 42,000-contiguous acres of JB MDL are home to more than 80 mission partners and 40 mission commanders providing a wide range of combat capability. The base spans more than 20 miles, from east to west. It is situated in the two largest counties in New Jersey — Burlington and Ocean —and. Fort Jackson iSportsman is a web-based system accessible by computer or smart-phone. Fort Jackson iSportsman is also accessible by telephone to check the availability of areas and ponds, and to check-in and check-out. Account creation and permit sales cannot be completed by telephone. To check-in and check-out by phone, call 844-222-9333 Step 3: Once background check is complete the VCC will activate your FAPH iSportsman account. Call the VCC at (804) 633-8585 to check on the status of your background check. Step 4: Log into your account and acquire the necessary permits. Visitor Control Center (VCC) Hours: Monday-Friday 0700-1600, Closed Sat and Sun If you have any questions about these closures or areas, please call Conservation Law Enforcement at 907-552-8609. Visitor Center Kiosks are available at the Richardson and Boniface Gates. These kiosks can be used by anyone to register, buy and print recreation permits, and access the iSportsman.net website

For fishing, hunting, and trapping licenses purchase information, go to our Log-in page and log-in (for those who already have an iSportsman account) or register for a new iSportsman account. For detailed instructions on how to set-up your account, view the Registration tab and follow the provided instructions Steps to obtain a Fort Bliss Hunting and Recreation Access Permit: Step 1 : Create Your iSportsman Account. If you do not already have an iSportsman account then register in iSportsman by clicking the Account Login tab, and select New Users Registration to complete the registration form and submit Persons wanting one of these permits will need to bring a printed copy of their current 2021 iSportsman permit with them. See the facts sheet for more information. 2021-2022 Fort Riley iSportsman Permit Renewal. You must hold a valid, free-of-charge 2021-2022 Fort Riley iSportsman permit before recreating in Fort Riley's Training Areas Full name as it appears on iSportsman Account; Proof of a state issued hunter education certificate, needed for hunting permits. Must be a scanned copy or photo proof of actual certificate. A valid state hunting/fishing license. Must be a scanned copy or photo proof of actual license. A completed background check for Non-affiliated civilians LOGIN . 2021/2022 PTA Hunting Permit Information. The 2021/2022 season begins 1 July 2021. We expect to open permit sales in mid-July. Please monitor your email and iSportsman for updates. Please note there are two important changes to the PTA Hunting Policy: 1. All hunters now must print out a copy of their permit and place it on the dashboard.

The current iSportsman system is designed to be used with a computer or smart phone which works better than a regular phone. However, if you only have a phone, the new Sportsman's Hotline number is: 1-855-267-9770. Recreationists must check-in before recreating and check-out at the end of the day. Everyone will have to check into a specific. Wed Jun 30 2021 12:07:35 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) Login with iSportsman Id. iSportsman Id. Your Username or Permit Number. Your Permit Numbe

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  5. Welcome to the the USAG Fort Leonard Wood iSportsman Portal. iSportsman is an enterprise-level, web-based system used by FLW to (1) ensure the safety of those enjoying outdoor recreation on the installation, (2) issue recreational, hunting, fishing, and wood cutting permits, (3) control access to various areas, especially range and training areas, (4) collect conservation information, and (5.
  6. Step 3: Once background check is complete the VCC will activate your FAPH iSportsman account. Call the VCC at (804) 633-8585 to check on the status of your background check. Step 4: Log into your account and acquire the necessary permits. Visitor Control Center (VCC) Hours: Monday-Friday 0700-1600, Closed Sat and Sun

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  1. Account Login; New User Registration; The 2020 Safety Brief has expired, you will need to navigate to My Safety Briefs Tab in your account and take the new UXO Safety Brief and quiz before purchasing in permits in 2021. Welcome to the JBLE-Fort Eustis iSportsman Portal! If you are new to the installation or a seasoned outdoor enthusiast.
  2. THIS SITE IS THE OFFCIAL SOURCE TO OBTAIN ALL HUNTING PERMITS ON YUMA PROVING GROUND. ALL INDIVIDUALS SEEKING A PERMIT MUST HAVE AN ISPORTSMAN ACCOUNT. Attention Hunters, we have made a few changes to the YPG Hunting Access this year. When you register, be sure to include your full name as it is stated on your driver's license or state issued ID
  3. Please click on the Register tab to create an iSportsman user profile if you have not done so before. This is the first step for using iSportsman for recreational access on Fort Pickett. Contact the Fort Pickett Game Check Station at 434-292-2618 if you need assistance, have questions or need clarification regarding the iSportsman service
  4. Hunters may harvest only one bearded turkey per day. Turkeys taken by youth hunters during this day count toward the entire spring season bag limit. From 19 Apr - 10 May Hunters may harvest 1 turkey during this time. From 11 May - 24 May Hunters may harvest a second turkey during this time. Spring bearded turkey, Season bag limit is 2 turkeys
  5. Call (850) 527-2009 or email udg_325ces_recreation@us.af.mil. IN PERSON PERMIT SALES at the HUNTER CHECK STATION, Building 4027, Next to Gate, Across Hywy 98 from Visitor Center. Tuesdays Only, 0830 -1100 & 1200 - 1500 hours. Visitor Center: (850)283-2043 or (850)283-2042
  6. d that our natural resources management duties frequently take us out of the office for field work. If you are having trouble catching us at the office, please phone ahead to make sure someone will be at the.
  7. welcome to the fort belvoir hunting, fishing, and watercraft recreation website! this is the official website to obtain all recreational permits and check in and out of recreational areas. individuals seeking a permit must have an isportsman account which may be obtained on this website

Deer Season Dates coming soon. Spring Turkey 26 April 2021-09 May 2021. Check in/out Times. Deer check-in time: (times coming soon) Spring Turkey Check-in time: 5:00AM - 5:15AM. Waterfowl Check-in time: (Times coming soon) Click the Link below for directions on placing a point on a map where you can report a UXO that has been found You must or create an account to purchase permits. You must come to Sportsman Services, bldg 1458, Tuesday-Friday 0900 to 1500 to verify your eligibility and identity. *Validated eligibility active duty, Dependent, DAC Fort Sill... * Sponsor with one of the above permits must accompany guest at close range in the field during the recreation Thu Jun 24 2021 05:04:46 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) Login with iSportsman Id. iSportsman Id. Your Username or Permit Number. Your Permit Numbe

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iSportsman, LLC is not responsible for the content on this website. Area Status for Today 07-02-21 Print. Date. Today 07-02-21 Tomorrow 07-03-21. Status. Open Closed. Category. Parent Area. Area. Parent Area 2020 Youth Gun Deer Hunt Maps - Fort Knox Army site - iSportsman. HA 21+A and 22 Youth Gun Deer Hunt Map. HA 52+A and 54+A Youth Gun Deer Hunt Map. HA 59 Youth Gun Deer Hunt Map. HA 86A and 87+A Youth Gun Deer Hunt Map

Today Tomorrow Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday, July 13 Wednesday, July 14 Thursday, July 15 Friday, July 16 Saturday, July 17 Sunday, July 18 Monday, July 1 My Account - Fort Huachuca - iSportsman. Toggle navigation. Powered by ASciS ©. Terms & Conditons. iSportsman, LLC is not responsible for the content on this website New iSportsman Account Registration Guide Be sure to review the home page for updates regarding base access credential validation. We have created a New User Registration Guide that will help you register for your new account. Register using REGISTER HERE while viewing the registration guide. If you already use iSportsman with another organization, please go back to the Existing User.

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Area Status for Today 06-24-21 Print. Date. Today 06-24-21 Tomorrow 06-25-21. Status. Open Closed. Category. Parent Area. Area. Parent Area For immediate answers to your system sales questions, contact sales@isportsman.com. If you are a hunter, angler or recreationist looking for specific information about a place to recreate' need help with licenses or passwords or have other recreation-related questions, contact the managing natural resources office for the location you wish to. Regulations - Fort Benning - iSportsman. FB Regulation 200-1 2020-2021. MCoE Regulation 190-11. Weapons Registration Form. Family Member Guest Affirmation. Fort Benning Season Dates 2020-2021. General Order Number 6. General Order Number 7 Air Force: ARMY: MARINE CORPS: GUARD: STATE & REFUGES: Air Force Academy. 719-333-3308. Ft AP Hill. 804-633-8984. Quantico. 703-784-5523 / 5329. Ft Indian Town Ga

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  1. Open Closed. Category. Area. Parent Area. Barry M. Goldwater Range - East Barry M. Goldwater Range - West Cabeza Prieta NWR Sonoran Desert NM. Area. Ajo Air Station Area B Area B Hazard Area Bender Springs Block A - BMGR-W Block B - BMGR-W Block C - BMGR-W Cabeza Prieta NWR SDNM - Area A. Parent Area
  2. Who We Are. iSportsman is the leading recreational program management solution in the nation, serving as the enterprise-level provider for the U.S. Army's and U.S. Air Force's hunting, fishing and firewood permit sales programs. iSportsman has been delivering SaaS and customized solutions to meet the needs of large-scale recreational programs for more than 12 years and currently manages.
  3. Hunting Permits Eglin permits fees are for both residents & non-residents Sportsman's Permit.. $55.00 . Authorizes hunting, fishing, trapping, and participation in general outdoor recreation activities plus access to the H ur lburt Trap/Skeet and Paintball Complex. Does NOT authorize Eglin public beach access on Santa Rosa Island, 1st Phase of Dove Season, camping, participation in deer.
  4. iSportsman is an Electronic Check-In / Out System for Kansas hunters. iSportsman was conceptualized in 2005. It was created to assist DoD clients with their wildlife management programs. In use since the fall of 2014, iSportsman enables hunters to fill out daily electronic hunting permits at most Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism.
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Removing, disturbing, or modifying any water control device is prohibited. Picnic pavilions located at Fort Carson fishing reservoirs are available on a first come, first-served basis. Units can reserve exclusive use of a pavilion by contacting the DPW Wildlife Office, (719) 526-8006. Cleaning fish within 50 feet of a pavilion is prohibited Forecast Maps - Fort Hunter Liggett - iSportsman. FORECAST MAPS. Updated 23 JUNE 2021 at 9:00 AM. Forecast Maps provide the best available information at the time of posting. All Fishing Reservoirs and Hunt Areas are subject to change without prior notice. HUNT AREAS AND FISHING PONDS FOR THE WEEKEND. 26-27 JUNE 2021

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You can sign in and out from any computer with internet access, from any smartphone, or at either of the two iSportsman kiosks located at the main Richardson and Elmendorf gates. You can also sign-in and out by calling toll free: 855-703-9176 or 907-202-5091. All recreators must sign-out when they are done Welcome to Vandenberg AFB iSportsman Service!! SCHEDULED HUNTER TOWN HALL MEETINGS. participation is NOT MANDATORY. 9 JULY @ 7PM CONSERVATION OFFICE. 13 AUGUST @ 7PM CONSERVATION OFFICE. 29 AUGUST @ 7PM CONSERVATION OFFICE. NOTICE. The new Space Wing Instruction that governs outdoor recreation is published. please take the time and read Welcome to the Little Rock Air Force Base Natural Resources iSportsman Site. Little Rock AFB is located in Pulaski County in central Arkansas, adjacent to the city of Jacksonville and 17 miles northeast from its namesake, Arkansas' state capital, Little Rock. Little Rock AFB is home of the 19th Airlift Wing and covers more than 6,000 acres of. Area Status for Today 06-30-21 Print. Date. Today 06-30-21 Tomorrow 07-01-21. Status. Open Closed. Category. Area. Parent Area. Firing Boxes Training Areas Possession limit: 20. Running. 03/01/2021 - 11/08/2021. Location: Statewide. Species: bobcat, opossum, raccoon, red fox, and gray fox. Legal hours for running furbearers is 24 hours daily. Furbearers cannot be killed or taken during the running season. A furharvester license is required to run furbearers

Welcome to Hill AFB's iSportsman Site for Hunting and Fishing. This is the official site to obtain hunting and fishing permits on Hill AFB. This site provides a dynamic location to process fees, implement draws, and issue permits. Any modifications will be refelected on this site as improvements are made and programs are added to provide more. iSportsman As of 1 February 2018 Family and MWR no longer sells Fort Jackson hunting and fishing permits as all permit sales are processed through the iSportsman system. The system allows you to purchase your hunting and fishing permit any time of day or night, and to check in to a hunt area or fishing pond without having to go to the Big Game. Area Status for Today 06-29-21 Print. Date. Today 06-29-21 Tomorrow 06-30-21. Status. Open Closed. Category. Area. Parent Area. Fort Rucker iSportsman User Directions ; Account Info and Registration . New User Registration ; Account Login ; Check-in/Out; Visitor Access Rules and Maps . BMGR-E Visitor Access Map ; BMGR-E eMap for Avenza Maps App; BMGR-E Invasive Plants TriFold; BMGR-E Sonoran Desert Tortoise Brochure; BMGR-E Rules - Printable; BMGR-W Recreation Rules and Map; BMGR-W.

The Recreational Permit is $11 and includes a background check for the applicant. It lasts a full year from purchase date and allows access to all of the ungated areas of the base. To access the gated areas of Tyndall AFB south of U.S. Highway 98, non-DoD individuals must acquire a Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) card, an. iSportsman is intended to improve and simplify your hunting experience at Edwards AFB. If you experience difficulty with registration or use of this service, please feel free to call 412 CEG/CEVA at (661) 275-2435. Background Checks. All background checks will be completed by ***coming soon** Fort Belvoir is located along RT 1 just south of Washington D.C. and east of Interstate 95. It's location along the Potomac River and relatively large tracks of forest withing Fairfax County provide exceptional watercraft, hunting, and fishing opportunities

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How to Obtain a Firewood Cutting Permit: If you have not yet done so, register in the iSportsman system (can be done here) and purchase a recreation permit; To get authorization to purchase a firewood cutting permit contact Raymon Hedges by email at raymon.hedges@us.af.mil or Charlene Johnson by email at charlene.johnson.3@us.af.mil and provide your full name, iSportsman permit number, and. iSportsman User Directions; Regulations . Watercraft Recreation, Hunting and Fishing Policy #75; Watercraft Recreation Hunting and Fishing Manual 2020-2021; Supplement to the Watercraft Recreation Hunting and Fishing Manual 2020-2021; My Account . New User Registration; Account Login; About Us . Fort Belvoir; Activities . Waterfowl Hunting. For state bear baiting regulations, see the current ADF&G Bear Baiting Seasons and Requirements. Technical issues - leave a message: 907-361-9684 or email: usarmy.wainwright.id-pacific.mbx.fwa-isportsman@mail.mil

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the fort carson wood collection program is operating on an appointment basis only for the wood yard due to covid-19. after paying for your wood yard permit call the forester at (863) 532-2885 to make an appointment to get your firewood. downrange wood collection is allowed only at turkey creek recreation area and ta 20 at this time Registration Instructions - Fort Riley - iSportsman. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have an iSportsman account with the state of Kansas or another installation, then you don't have to register again. Simply to your account using your username and password (not your Checkin PIN) that you used for your other iSportsman registration affiliated iSportsman organization. If this is correct, please continue below, if not, please see the Quantico iSportsman New User Registration Guide. Welcome to Quantico iSportsman. From here on out, we have retired HTS and are now using the iSportsman platform on the web. Please see below for step-by-step instructions on how to register on. Updates - Fort Belvoir - iSportsman. Date: 10/7/20. TEST. 10/8/20. Test. 10/9/20 - Test. Powered by ASciS ©

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using the same username and password! The software then allows all users to access hunting via the website, telephone, or smartphone. The policy regarding the upcoming hunting season is currently being drafted and will be made available shortly on the iSportsman and Outdoor Rec website. To Create a New Account: 1 All anglers are required to purchase permits and check in and out of fishing areas using the iSportsman system! 2020-2021 Fishing Regulations. 2016 Fisheries Report. A sumary of electrofishing survey results showing how the 14 managed ponds on Fort A.P. Hill stack up against one another

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an iSportsman Account on Quantico. After reading, if you still have questions, or are unsure of any of the procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-703-784-5523 or 703-784-5329 or stop by the Game Check Station at 27175 Telegraph Road, Quantico, VA, 22134. How to register for a NEW iSportsman Accoun Veterans with a >60% disability rating can obtain a free lifetime fishing permit by registering for an iSportsman account, but first must provide VA documentation to Natural Resources. Call (719) 333-3308 for assistance, or email your VA paperwork to melissa_whittingslow@fws.gov . A DoD-issued identification card is required to access the lakes Regulations, Laws, and Standards. Pikes Peak from Farish Recreation Area. USAFAI32-7001 USAF Natural Resources on the USAF Academy. USAFI48-103 Registration and Control of Animals. AFMAN 32-7003 Environmental Conservation. USAFA Erosion Control, Revegetation, and Tree Care Standards. Sikes Act Improvement Act

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Hunting Permit Fees. Hunting permits will only be sold via the Fort Huachuca iSportsman Website. Annual Fort Huachuca General Hunting Permit: $40 expiring one year from the date of purchase. Annual Fort Huachuca Youth Hunting Permit: $10 expiring one year from the date of purchase. Small Game Guest Hunting Permit: $20 per week. Powered by ASciS © The designated leader of the group must complete the MOU as stated above, create an account in iSportsman, and complete the annual Range Safety Brief before the Special Use Permit will be viewable in the group leaders iSportsman account. Call DPW-Wildlife Office for more information at 719-526-8006 or 719-526-3975

Requirements That Must Be Met Before Obtaining a Downrange Pass. Prerequisites to obtaining a downrange pass are (1) complete the annual downrange safety briefing on iSportsman, (2) purchase an annual recreation permit or a downrange firewood collection permit on iSportsman, and (3) do a one-time registration of your firearms (if hunting) Vendor: iSportsman. Primary Category: Recreation. Secondary Categorization: Hunting & Fishing. Published: 2020-August Language: English Size: 83.6 MB See all maps by iSportsman Maps purchased here can only be viewed in the Avenza Maps app on iOS and Android iSportsman, Virginia Beach, Virginia. 273 likes · 4 talking about this. iSportsman is an easy-to-use, easily customizable, and interactive web-based service developed to meet the needs of today's.. Fort Carson Wildlife. For a fast reply to your quesions during M-F business hours, use the following email address below to send your message to both Fort Carson and PCMS wildlife biologists on staff: usarmy.carson.imcom-central.list.dpw-ed-isportsman@mail.mil . Checking voicemails will be periodic and it is best to send a message to the above email address first and then call the fishing and.

Coming Soon. Powered by ASciS ©. Terms & Conditons. iSportsman, LLC is not responsible for the content on this website Jan 1-31, 2021. 5903. Fort Huachuca in Unit 35A. 20 Hunt Permit-tags for Any Javelina. Post permit is required, only valid for Fort Huachuca hunt units 3-1, 3-2, G, K. Note 1: This hunt is offered as a management hunt to reduce the incursion of javelina onto Libby Army Airfield (LAAF)

1. Create an iSportsman account, or to your existing account. 2. Purchase the Permit(s) you want. Some Permits (i.e. Companion, Military Discounts) may require a VALIDATION from Outdoor Recreation staff before they become available. Request a validation at: apafroutdoorrec@gmail.com 3. Complete the required ANNUAL SAFET After you , the following window will appear. The activity, area, time and date are listed. Click Checkout. Checking out of an Activity Reporting Harvest for Hunting and Fishing If you were hunting or fishing, iSportsman will ask if you caught/harvested anything. If you click Yes in the above box, you will need to report what yo

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