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Sewing between the basting stitches insures that proper alignment of the ruffle. Mark the quilt every 3 and mark the ruffle every 6 Pin the ruffle to the quilt, matching marks. Then carefully pull the double basting threads to gather the ruffle evenly, all raw edges together and sew through all layers using a scant 1/2 seam allowance Ruffled bindings. When you want a frilly, feminine look, finish your quilt with ruffles. You can buy ruffled binding strips that are prefolded to make them easy to sew to your quilt. For my next quilt, I'm going to challenge myself by making a prairie point binding, which I have never tried before. I'll let you know how it turns out Click here for supplies: http://missouriquiltco.com Jenny Doan demonstrates how to bind a quilt the quick and easy way. Binding a quilt is a skill that every.. Lay out your quilt on a flat surface. I like to start my binding around the middle of a quilt side. Place the raw edge of the binding along the raw edge of the quilt, and pin into place. Step 8

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  1. Place one binding strip under the ruffle, the folded yellow strip in the ruffling part of your ruffler, and the second binding strip on top
  2. e on the largest setting where it makes the deepest tucks every 12 stitches. I also set my stitch length to 4. If you don't have a Ruffler Foot that is ok, you can simply do the ruffles by hand and pin all the tucks
  3. Multiply the height of the finished point by 2, then add 1/2″. For example, if you want your points to extend two inches beyond the edge of the quilt, multiply 2″ x 2″ + 1/2″ = 4 /12″. Cut the square for a two inch prairie point 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″
  4. Heather Thomas teaches you how to bind a quilt with lace binding in this video. Lace binding withstands the test of time and it looks really beautiful when done correctly. There are various types of lace that you can use to diversify your collection of quilts
  5. Align the raw edge of the binding to the raw edge of the quilt. You'll start sewing in the center of one side. But don't sew the first 8 to 12 inches of the binding. On the Tic-Tac-Toe board, place one pin in the middle of one of the center squares and a second pin about 3 inches from the corner to hold the binding in place to get started
  6. - With right sides together, sew ruffle on top of quilt back and batting. - Iron ruffle up away from backing and press seam allowance down towards inside of quilt. - Remove pins from your quilt top and unfold. Now fold the quilt top under 1/4 all the way around to hide raw edge. Press. - Top stitch all around the quilt sewing through all layers
  7. Applying Quilt Binding With A Ruffled Edge 1. Sandwich the edge of your fabric / quilt sandwich between the folded edges of the quilt binding, pinning the binding in place as you go. Leave an 1 extra quilt binding at the beginning and ending points

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On the back of the quilt, tack down both sides of each tab to the binding with hand sewing. On the front of the quilt, use the blind stitch across the front of the tab This week on Sew Together Tuesday, our National Educator Teresa Coates takes you step-by-step through how to sew binding on a quilt with Cuddle® and Luxe Cud.. Blackbird Designs - One stitch at a time: Ruffle Binding and Contest. xxxxx. Article by Rosalie Chancellor Matthesen. 102. Quilting Tips Quilting Tutorials Quilting Projects Sewing Projects Beginner Quilting Sewing Crafts Ruffle Quilt Rag Quilt Quilt Bag Quilts are created when pieces of fabric are cut and sewn together in a pattern and layered with additional padding for warmth. After completing the detailed process of sewing a quilt (see How to Make a Quilt) the last step is to bind the edges with fabric to give your quilt a finished look.This article details the process for making binding strips and using them to bind your quilt

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Attach binding to back of quilt. For this quilt binding method we will attach the binding to the back of the quilt first. Line up the raw edge of the binding to the raw edge of the quilt. I like to start attaching the binding about 3/4 of the way down the long side. Start sewing 8-10 inches from the end of the binding FREE Tutorial - Ruffle Binding Quilts by Alma Allen of Blackbird Designs. How about adding a beautiful, frilly touch to your next quilt? Ruffle binding adds a classy accent and with this tutorial from Alma Allen of Blackbird Designs it is easy to learn and apply to your own work! The contest she mentions is well over (check the date!) but her.

To make your own ruffle quilt, you will need: Ruffles: 5 pieces of 1/4 yard fabric. Quilt Top: 36 wide by 54 long, so 1.5 yards of fabric. Bias Binding: 1/2 yard, cut into 2.5 strips. Backing: 1.5 yards. Ruffles: cut (2) 2.5 strips the length of the fabric. Sew the two strips together along the short seams to create one really long strip of. Then just like binding - I sewed completed ruffle on the backing using one-quarter inch from end ( be careful to just sew ruffle on to backing material and not the batting or front of quilt ) Then fold ruffle out and from the front of the quilt - fold batting and front quilt under ( at least one-quarter inch or one half inch) and stitch all. Jan 27, 2013 - The latest quilting, cross stitch, and fabric news from Blackbird Designs Fold each end of the binding 1/4 inch. Sew the ends closed with an 1/8-inch seam allowance to create clean ends to the ruffle. Loosen the tension on your sewing machine all the way. Adjust the stitch length on your machine to roughly a 1/4-inch; use a scrap piece of fabric to test the stitch length. Sew along the edge opposite the folded edge.

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This is pattern is called RUFFLES and was designed using Moda's Verna collection by Kate Spain. This fabric is beautiful and brought Spring to my cold part of the world early this year. This quilt features an easy, pieced center and a fun ruffled binding. The binding is fun to make and I hope you love how pretty it looks! Posted by Margot. RUFFLE Vintage Pleated Trim Bias Binding Edging Quilt Sew Fabric Upholstery Baby Blanket Pillow Craft Cotton Red Blue Pink Yellow BTY. bjcutebear. 5 out of 5 stars. (59) Sale Price $12.37. $12.37. $13.75. Original Price $13.75

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1-48 of 125 results for Ruffled Quilt Binding Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Wright Products Ruffled Quilt Binding 2 Wide 15 Yards-White. 4.8 out of 5 stars 24. $25.10 $ 25. 10 $40.50 $40.50. Get it as soon as Thu, Jul 8. FREE Shipping by Amazon The final step in making a quilt is to bind, or cover, the raw edges. There are several methods. One is self-binding using the backing fabric to cover the raw edges and stitching it in place. Advertisement Step 1 Measure your backing carefully before you begin quilting. To use the backing as the binding it will need to measure 2 to 4 inches. Along those lines, you know, there's quilt binding, hot pad binding, baby bib binding, sleeve binding, neckline binding, wide binding, narrow binding, single fold binding, double fold binding, etc. Nothing finishes the edge of a quilt, a pot holder, a tote bag or baby bib like fabric binding. In the. Binding Tutorials. The quilt will need a binding whether you attach triangle corners or triangle sleeves. There are many ways to bind a quilt. For tutorials on how I bind quilts, take a look at the following posts: A few tutorials to help you are: Double Fold Quilt Binding - A Beginner's Guild; How to Attach a Bindin Oct 25, 2019 - Explore Juanita Hunt's board Sewing Ruffles Piping Bias Tape etc on Pinterest. See more ideas about sewing, sewing techniques, sewing hacks

I like to use a dust ruffle & have the quilt come just down to the ruffle. If they get extra fabric, the dust ruffle would be coordinated & should look great. Reply 03-28-2011, 11:42 AM Hand quilting the assembled quilt and binding has been a lot of dedicated work to complete. I'm not sure what you charged if anything but having to undo the. Thanks for checking out my Sewing Tip: Making and Attaching Gathered/Ruffled Fabric post. Check out my full collection of DIY Sewing articles. Find even more sewing projects, patterns, and tips for beginners and advanced sewists by Liz Call, Mariah Leeson, Randi Dukes and Tauni Everett 2217 NW 57th ST. Seattle, WA. 206-782-6242. Get directions >. Store Hours. Wed 9am-9pm. Thu 9am-9pm. Fri 9am-9pm. Sat 9am-9pm and (7) 5x44 strips of cotton fabric for the ruffle. 1. Sew the (7) strips for the ruffle together end to end, to make one really long strip. Finish the edges with either pinking shears, a serger, or a zig zag stitch. Oooh, one really long strip! 2. Fold the strip in half, longways, wrong sides together, and press

This tutorial is very comprehensive. It includes tips on picking fabrics, cutting fabric, and a page to calculate larger quilt dimensions. It is 50 steps and 57 pages total. You can make a puff quilt on a sewing machine even if you a brand-new to sewing! Follow this blog for updates, promotions, and giveaways for the Puff Quilt Tutorial!! We. Rotate the quilt one-quarter turn and gently fold the binding straight upward forming a 45 degree fold. Holding the 45 degree fold with your thumb, fold the binding back down with the binding's raw edges aligned with the edge (trimmed or marked) of the next side of the quilt. Start sewing again at the edge (as shown) or down 1/4 (or other size. If your quilt's edges are a bit puckered from the quilting process, the binding is a perfect place to hide small pleats and imperfections. Choose a ½ binding (or even slightly larger) to enclose your edges and keep any wonkiness a secret. This approach is far preferable to stretching out your quilt borders and ending up with a wavy. Self-binding (sometimes called Edge-turned Binding) This type of binding protects the quilt's edges with just a single layer of fabric. For this method, the quilt's backing fabric is trimmed straight and wrapped around to the front of the quilt and stitched in place to form the binding

Step 5: The Other Side. The final part is stitching the binding to the backside of the quilt. Simply flip the quilt over, fold the binding, and start sewing straight like before. Try to sew as close to the edge of the binding as possible. These stitches will be visible at the end so do try to make them pretty Binding a Quilt. Instead of hemming, quilt edges are finished by binding. Binding the quilt edges creates a smooth, even finish on the front and the back of the quilt edges. Quilt edges are prone.

17-32 of 846 results for Ruffled Quilt Binding Price and other details may vary based on size and color PEARL 2 Fold in Half Quilt Binding, Brushed, 25 yd, Cherry - 9800-486-2 Complete sewing the entire binding in the same manner. You have now completed making a double folded binding for your quilt. Once you master the basic technique, you can experiment with all the variations and styles like quilt binding with ruffled edges, or binding octagon quilts and those having rounded edges or prairie points

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Fold the bind in on itself a 1/2 inch and sew it in place. This gives a finished edge to the binding. Flip the binding over the edge of the quilt panel and press it flat with an iron. Thread your needle with a thread color that matches the binding. Use a whip stitch to attach the binding to the back of the quilt Joining bias binding ends has never been a pet peeve for me! I am probably one of those lucky people that find finishing off bias ends is something super easy and quite natural. Not to brag or anything and I honestly have no idea how it came to me, but this method felt like second nature when I started sewing bias tape modern striped quilt with a ruffle binding. MimisTinyThreads. From shop MimisTinyThreads $ 70.00. Favorite Add to Pink/mint ruffle LeahsPouchies. From shop LeahsPouchies. 5 out of 5 stars (12) 12 reviews $ 2.50. Only 2 available and it's in 1 person's cart. Favorite Add to. Bias binding is much more sturdy for the quilt because the edge of the binding has a cross-weave, rather than a straight weave. I also prefer to use a ⅜ binding rather than a ¼ binding. In my opinion, ⅜ binding gives you a meatier binding, and ¼ is just too skinny, especially on a queen or king bed quilt Bias tape is used in finishing almost any raw edges (as facing for necklines, to finish armholes, quilt edges, place mats or snack bags as I did in this reusable snack bags post), for binding seams (like I did on this ruffled apron or for finishing the waist seams on this paper bag skirt) or as decorative accents to garments like hems on skirts.

Bias binding is a long, narrow piece of fabric that has been pre-folded in a couple of places. Sewing bias binding onto the edges of fabric is a way to cover the raw edges and add interest to a garment, blanket, or other item. You can sew.. Stitch along the edge of the heart shape to hold the ruffled section in position. Repeat for the remaining heart shapes. Trim away excess ruffled fabric from the back to reduce bulk. Layer the remaining cotton fabric, batting and the heart quilt top. Using a ruler and chalk, mark vertical rows of evenly spaced lines for the quilting Wrights Ruffled Quilt Binding, 1-7/8-Inch by 8-Yard, Soft Pink Brand: Wright Products. 4.6 out of 5 stars 61 ratings. Price: $25.05 & FREE Returns Return this item for free. Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charge Coax the lower edge of the strip to form a 45-degree angle. Fold the binding down, leaving the top of the fold flush with the edge of the quilt top behind it and its raw edge aligned with the next side of the quilt. The 45-degree angle should be intact under the fold. Pin the quilt binding to the side of the quilt or align it as you sew 5 Yards Vintage Dusty Rose Swiss Dot Ruffle Binding Trim by Fabri Quilt for Pillows Dresses Rosettes sprinkleberrysupply. 5 out of 5 stars (150) $ 10.00. Only 2 available and it's in 1 person's cart. Favorite Add to More colors Yo-Yo doll quilt kit for dollhouse miniature or larger bed 6x6 to 8x8 dust ruffle & pillows precut fabric circles.

Can you bind a quilt on a serger? Yes, this can be done using either the chain, four- or three-thread stitch in the same manner that you would with a sewing machine. When mitering the corners, you would simply stop, reposition the binder, turn the quilt and stitch. If using the chain stitch the binding can be completed by folding it to the. Wright Products Ruffled Quilt Binding 2 Wide 15 Yards-White. Brand: Wright Products. 4.8 out of 5 stars. 15 ratings. List Price: $40.50. Price: $25.64 & FREE Shipping. Details & FREE Returns The completed size of my quilt is 41 by 47. Then the fun part was laying all the pieces out in a pleasing pattern. Next, I sewed all the pieces together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Notice how all the seams are facing up. This will be the ruffled side of the quilt. Now is the time to even up all the edges How to Bind a Round Rug. Simple preparation can help you achieve a smoothly bound edge for any sized round rug, from a small throw rug to a large area rug. Not a difficult task, rug binding does.

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I have the rag quilt pattern finished for you all. This is a really fun Ruffled Flower FREE Rag Quilt Pattern. It is my way of thanking you all for following me on this journey of mine. I was inspired by the big flowers that I have been seeing popping up around blog land No ruffle seam lines showing through. This picture shows the edging ruffle is sandwiched securely between the quilt and matching backing fabric. Matching backing fabric is folded under and pinned into place for sewing. I machine finished the binding. This added a pretty machine quilting line around the edge of the front of the quilt and again. Sewing Ruffled Binding to Quilt. This video shows a demonstration of how to machine sew the binding of the quilt, especially the tricky corners. She starts with the binding already sewn onto the front of the quilt and points out how she made the corner like a little pocket

Place the raw edge of the jersey on the raw edge of the cuddle fabric. You'll stitch it first to the blanket front. Leaving about an inch of binding unstitched, stitch the ruffle binding 1/4 from the raw edge.Every few stitches, use your finger to fold the jersey on top of itself, creating a ruffle effect Re: Dust ruffle 100_0451.JPG Here's the eyelet on the quilt. I'm going to break for the day, as much as I'd like to keep going, it wouldn't be a good idea. Tomorrow, the binding will go on. I think I'm going to attach it to the back and pull to the front and use a decorative stitch in the ditch. I'll see what inspiration hits me tonight Instructions to make Doll Blanket: Use your favorite method to gather your 4 ruffle strips down the center. Pin the ruffles 1″ in from both sides of both pieces of accent fabric, sew along gather line. Trim side accent pieces down to 20″ wide. Sew the two accent pieces on either side of the main accent fabric. Your quilt top is done! Press a 1/2 hem on both long sides of towel fabric. Fold under 1/4, pin hem and sew on each side. Repeat on short sides. Your towel is now ready for the ruffle. Fold fabric ruffle fabric so that selvages are together and trim them off. Fold in half right-sides-together so that the fold is along the long edge

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The ruffle was 4 inches ruffled and pulled to 2 instead of 6 inches ruffled and pulled to 4. But the technique was EXACTLY the same. Then I quilted the front onto a layer of the batting. Here is the stocking tutorial starting at that point. I made 2 different sets of this Binding edges is the last step in a quilting project. The binding unifies colors and patterns of the quilt, offers another layer of color and dimension and prevents frayed edges. Traditional bindings are often fabricated with bias-cut fabric strips or purchased quilt binding. Quilters can add another creative touch to. I've been asked to quilt a quilt that the blocks measure 7 inches square on the edges but measure 8 inches across in the center both directions. It is 4 kite shapes sewn together with the longer point at each corner and filled in on the sides with a long triangle. How is the best way to hide the fullness? It sticks up like a tent in the center

Posts: 3,078. When I have wavy edges, it's always for one of two reasons: the pieces at the edges of the blocks may have been cut on the bias, or I've had to ease in (or stretch out) the inner edge of the border which leaves the outer edge sort of fluttery. What I've done to fix it is steam the heck out of it and press it as flat as I can Make all your squares the same, use different pieces of fabric for each square, arrange your squares to a design you create.The squares can be large or small; for your first quilt, start with larger squares; try four inch squares. Each square consists of two square pieces sewn together; the bottom piece is cut 4 square and the top piece is cut. Fold the ruffle in half. Set the stitch length to the longest length and run two rows of basting stitches along the raw edge of the satin ruffle. The basting stitch is a temporary stitch that will be used to gather the fabric. Sew the set of basting stitches 1/4 inch from the raw edge and 1/2 inch from the raw edge Lay the heavier minky fabric down on a flat surface. You should be looking at the wrong sides of both fabrics. Spray onto the minky a 4 width line of the spray adhesive. With a temporary spray you should have time to even out any bubbles. Continue doing a line at a time until the entire ruffle fabric is glued down to the minky

If a dainty, perfectly-put-together look is your goal, Ruffled Quilt Binding is the way to go! This simple binding will make a huge difference in your quilting project, but without the excessive effort. Use it on baby blankets, t-shirt quilts, and so much more! Details: Binding Width: 2. Contents: 65% Polyester & 35% Cotton Here you can see the backing and the binding around the edges. For my first time quilting I'm really happy with how it turned out. Especially with having done all the quilting on my own small machine rather than a large quilter. I know that I won't be able to do my large Queen sized quilt this way, but it was quick and easy Step One: When first attaching your binding, leave about an 8-inch tail of binding unattached before starting to sew it to your quilt. Align your binding's raw edge with the edge of your quilt. Secure the starting point with a few back stitches. Sew the binding to the quilt top ¼-inch in from the raw edge of the binding Pin the binding along the new edge of the quilt. Begin sewing the miter down from the top corner (backstitch). Pivot, and sew the next edge, all the way to the bottom of the quilt. Repeat for the last two edges, stopping a few inches away from the final corner. Mark the edge of the binding where the edge of the quilt hits it

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Time to bind! Clip the binding to a straight edge of the quilt sandwich. When you get about 2″ from the corner, sew a line of baste stitching (a long stitch length) on both sides of the bias tape. Gather the corner binding tape and curve it around the corner. Continue pinning along the next side. Repeat until you've finished all the corners The size of the item you are adding a ruffle to will also aid your ruffle width decision. A size 12-month dress may only require a 1-inch wide ruffle, while a size 6, may look better with an 8-inch wide ruffle. A 14-inch pillow may look fine with a 1.5-inch ruffle, but that same ruffle may look lost on a 24-inch pillow The binding is now ready to be sewn to the quilt. Binding the Quilt. A flange binding is different from a regular binding in that you do not first sew it on the front. You sew it to the back. I place the binding on the back of the quilt with the flange face down. Next, I align the raw edges of the binding with the raw edges of the quilt When you reach the last corner of the satin blanket binding pin 1/4 from the edge of the corner. Sew to the pin and pivot at the pin. Sew up the edge of the blanket binding with a narrow and wide zigzag stitch. Trim the remaining blanket binding from the edge being sure not to cut through stitching. Extra satin fibers will come off in the wash

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Blanket binding gives you an attractive way to finish a blanket. A satin or ruffled binding gives a finished look to a blanket you have made. You can find blanket binding in the crafts section of discount stores or in specialty crafts and hobby stores. Follow the steps below to learn how to apply blanket binding You also need to use binding after cutting down the edges to make some nice-looking edges. Best Fabric For Quilt Backing. The plethora of options available for quilt backing might be overwhelming. But it depends entirely on you to choose the suitable fabric if you want to create high-quality quilts The fring on this quilt was 5″ deep, so I cut a 5″ square from each corner of the quilt. Use a rotary cutter to and a ruler to cut a fringe of 1″-wide, strips all around the quilt. I also stay-stitched a seam around the inner edge of the knots just to make sure nothing would unravel, although I don't think that's strictly necessary Seriously consider serging. If you have a serger available, serging the edges of a double gauze quilt makes it an absolute breeze to bind. Lift up the pressure on your patchwork foot. This will help your foot glide over the fabric better without pulling. Another option is to strap on your walking foot The BEST 50+ Baby Sewing Projects that will have you sewing all the cutest things for baby. This big list has baby bib and burp cloth patterns, baby toys, tons of baby blanket tutorials and quilts, as well as baby gear and bags. But this list wouldn't be complete without all the adorable baby clothes patterns

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Binding a quilt is the final step in finishing. Before you bind, you need to somehow quilt your quilt. This means to attach the front and back, with batting in between. I usually machine quilt (or have someone else do it) my quilts these days. There are good tutorials for that here, here, and here I first found my love for sewing when I had my first daughter 7 years ago. Since then, all 3 of my girls and my little boy have been my inspiration for everything I do. Right now, I love to make and sew rag quilts, car seat tents, baby blanket, rag quilt patterns, car seat tent patterns, ruffled curtains Finally, bind using your prepared binding. See my tutorial for binding hereand for making a scrappy binding see here! Then, insert a pillow and enjoy your simple quilted pillow sham! I'm including a Pinterest graphic that you can use to make it easy to come back to this tutorial below

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Smooth the quilt backing out on the clean floor, right side down. Place a 8-12'' long piece of wide painter's tape on the middle of the top or bottom of the backing fabric. Then place a piece on the opposite side. Next move to the sides and place a 8-12'' piece of tape in the middle of the sides Binding a quilt is the last step to finishing it. It is the method used to close the three layers of a quilt sandwich enclosing all the raw edges. Depending on the style and color, it can frame the quilt to draw attention to the center, or just blend the edges to create a graceful close to the quilt. A decorative ruffle can be inserted in. Rag quilts can be made from old clothes or leftover fabrics and are especially suited for babies and children, casual decor, pets, camping and other outdoor activities. You can finish the edges of a rag quilt by clipping around the perimeter in the same way that the seams are finished. Use rag snips if possible, or. If a dainty, perfectly-put-together look is your goal, Red Ruffled Quilt Binding is the way to go! This simple binding will make a huge difference in your quilting project, but without the excessive effort. Use it on baby blankets, t-shirt quilts, and so much more! Details: Binding Width: 2. Contents: 65% Polyester & 35% Cotton Figure out how to select one of the 25 built-in stitches on the Baby Lock Zeal! Discover how to top stitch on the Baby Lock Zest! Get started sewing in a snap when you know how to thread your Baby Lock Zest! Learn how to use the built-in buttonhole feature on the Baby Lock Zest

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Sew the binding to the knit fabric. There are a ton of really great tutorials and videos online of how to do binding. Doing satin binding is a little bit easier than regular binding because you can sew both the top and the bottom on at the same time. Satin binding has already been folded over perfectly and there is a nice crease down the middle Beautiful quilt. I have never done an eyelet ruffle and as beautiful as this quilt is I think just a plain binding would be great. I would use whatever color in the quilt is your favorite or if you have enough left over strips sew them on the bias into one long strip and then fold in half and make your own binding 1-7/8 Soft Pink Satin Ruffled Quilt Binding 8 YD. 3 reviews. 1863359902. Regular price. $20.95. /. Shipping calculated at checkout. 8 yards of soft pink satin ruffled quilt binding, slightly less than 2 inches wide overall. Perfect for binding baby blankets, throws, or anything that needs to be finished with a pretty ruffle Sunday, March 4, 2007 Quilt Binding, binding a quilt, machine stitching quilt binding. A lot of people don't like to do quilt binding. It can be quite difficult to sew binding onto a quilt, especially if your quilt layers don't match up and they seldom do match up just right SKU: 630046. If a dainty, perfectly-put-together look is your goal, Ruffled Quilt Binding is the way to go! This simple binding will make a huge difference in your quilting project, but without the excessive effort. Use it on baby blankets, t-shirt quilts, and so much more! Details: Binding Width: 2. Contents: 65% Polyester & 35% Cotton

Top 7 Minky Plush Fabric Sewing Tips. Mark minky fabric before you cut it. Cut minky fabric with the right tool. Get rid of the minky fabric mess before you sew. Use double pinning to keep minky fabric stable. Lengthen your stitch and lower your pressure. Use a 90/14 stretch needle. Use a walking foot. YouTube Ruffles. In sewing, Ruffles are a strip of fabric gathered or pleated and attached to another piece of fabric used for decoration. Ruffles are a great addition to clothing, home decor for pillows to potholders and also to quilts! A ruffle around the edge of a quilt is a fun finishing alternative to traditional binding Quilter Robin Sruoginis shows us how we can use wool fabrics from old sweaters, and create ruffled roses. Learn what type of fabrics work best for this project, and watch Robin as she demonstrates how to turn your fabric into a beautiful, ruffled design. Add your ruffled rose to a hat or scarf and create a fun new accessory

Binding. Now to bind the two long edges of this quilt. Since the Sweet Strips are pretty much the same width as the Cuddle® Cuts, all I trimmed off were the Sweet Strip edges that were more than 1/2 wide than the backing width. It was minimal — truly. Now I rolled in the edge for a bound rolled hem and top-stitched with the walking foot Fold over the bias binding to the wrong side of the fabric. With the right side of the dress facing up, topstitch 1/8 from the edge of the armhole or neckline. The first row of topstitching is not absolutely necessary. I like the look and the added strength, but you can omit this step if you wish. With the right side of the dress facing up. The 60 width of the fabric will be the length of the quilt. The pattern layout is only a recommendation. Get creative with your strips! Use ODIF 505 basting spray to keep your strips in position and flat. Take your time. I prefer to make the quilt one day, then trim and bind the next Instructions//. Cut the jelly roll strips down to 10.5″ long. You need a total of 75 strips. Cut strips from the white cotton 2.5″ by 10.5″ wide. You need a total of 75 strips. There are two blocks in this pattern, they are the same block inverted and turned. You'll make 15 of each

Under Construction: Ruffle quilt--the pattern!Originate and Renovate: Tutorials